Fathers day walk to England’s highest waterfall

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England's highest waterfall - Cautley Spout


Hello! How the bloody 'ell are ya? I'm totally slacking on posts but I don't have much to say at the moment, so Sunday posts will have to do for the foreseeable future! Hopefully that will all change in a month or so though! Oh and we are off to Dorset for a weekend in July, so I will most definitely be sharing that with you. Anyone have any recommendations on what to see/do down there? I want to make sure we make the most of it and see as much as possible. Although, we are on a strict budget so nothing too expensive! We know we want to see the Jurassic coast and Durdle Door but other than that I'm a little stuck. Today we slept in until like 11am! I actually could not believe it when I woke up and checked the time.. I haven't slept in like that in so long but to be honest it was well needed and I'm glad I got a good nights sleep for once. This afternoon Josh, Dad and I drove to the foot of Cautley Spout which is around a 5 minute drive from our front door. It's the highest waterfall in England and it's literally on our doorstep! I don't know why I've never made the effort to walk to it before because it is really beautiful and such a nice walk back over the tops and into Sedbergh, especially if we can't be bothered to drive into the Lake District. It took us around 3 and a half hours to walk just short of 8 miles. We encountered sunshine, rain and even hail stone, it was freezing! Thankfully I packed a waterproof (or shall I say Josh's waterproof) but even that was letting water in by the time we reached the bottom. We stopped off at the Black Bull for a drink before coming home to a roast beef dinner, courtesy of my Grandma and now I'm slumped on the sofa, resembling a baby hippo, after eating way too many roast potatoes and M&S strawberry trifle (my favourite fyi). I think we will have an early night and maybe start the first episode of Killing Eve. I've heard mixed reviews but I still can't wait to watch it! Anyway, I hope you've enjoyed your Sunday, whatever you may have been doing. Fathers or no fathers, I'm sure you will have someone to thank for all that they do. Speak soon, L.

Evening stroll


How beautiful is it where we live? After moaning about the weather on my Instagram (as per), the sunshine decided to show itself. So, Josh, Dad and myself went for a quick yomp up the fell behind our flat. We had planned on making it to the top but time got the better of us and Gran was making tea for 6:30 so we had to make a de tour and head home. We had roast ham, cauliflower cheese, roast potatoes, mushy peas, roast tomatoes and roasted onions. Oh my goodness, so good and now so full! I'm starting the gym again tomorrow, for real. This time I really mean it because I feel so lazy and I miss the feeling I used to get in the morning when I had done a really good workout. It also helped me enjoy a proper breakfast, which stopped my cravings for biscuits throughout the day at work. So now the plan for the summer is.. no more biscuits, workout 5 times a week for around 45minutes, work on longer cardio sessions, spend less time on my phone and more time outside or creating things. Who's with me?! This evening will now consist of shower, Pinterest and I may just catch up on Killing Eve, unless Josh wants to watch it with me then we may have to wait for another night because... well, you know... football! I will speak again soon and hopefully not leave it so long in between posts but we will see! Lots of love, L.

The Great North Swim

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We did it! We completed 1 mile in Windermere at the Great North Swim! Now that I see it, it doesn't seem far but it felt it and they even had to shorten it by a couple of meters because of the wind but.. we still did it and I'm so proud of us for actually doing it, even if we did hope and pray for the swim to be cancelled, lol! There are so many stalls for food and clothes etc. as well as a bar (where we ended up at the end of the swim, duh!). The changing rooms are split into male and female and it's basically just a big marquee where you all change together. Opposite, you will find the baggage area, where you can leave your dry clothes, phone, purse etc. Once we were ready, we headed down to the water front and checked in for our swim. They had an instructor to help us with a warm up and then you have to get your body used to the water temperature, so everyone heads into the lake and does a small circuit to warm up before beginning the swim. I ended up completing the mile in 28 minutes, 45 seconds and Amy completed it in 27 minutes, 7 seconds. To be honest, it wasn't as cold or as hard as I was expecting it to be. I just kept telling myself to go at a comfortable pace and relax. I wasn't wanting a decent time, I just wanted to complete it which we did, so I'm happy with that!

When we got home I ended up helping Josh clean out the garage and workshop. It wasn't pleasant because I was so tired and it had started to rain again! We've actually just sat down and enjoyed a lovely Indian takeaway from the Mango Tree in Kirkby Stephen. We've been wanting to try it for absolutely ages and Josh said he would treat me to a takeaway for completing the swim. I had chicken karahi and we shared chips, rice and a garlic naan. Woah, I feel hefty but I most definitely needed it after today! Also, if you're a local, I'd highly recommend the Mango Tree, only if you like Indian food of course. Although, don't think it's as good as the one we had in Phuket... very close though! Right, I can hear bed calling my name so, I'm going to snuggle into Josh and wish you good night folks. Sleep well! Enjoy your weekend! Lots of love, L.

3 days to go…


Hey lovelies! I can't believe it's been a whole week since I last came here and created a post. I've spent a lot less time on my phone lately, even took up my crocheting again after 2 years and I've felt super tired throughout the week that I just haven't had much time to come here and say hello. The past week hasn't been too interesting if I'm honest. I went to work, I came home, had tea and went to bed Tuesday to Friday. I worked Saturday, did a food shop and then the weather on Sunday was so bloody awful that we didn't do much apart from walk Josh's dogs in the rain. It was actually quite nice to get out though. Yesterday Amy and I went for a wild swim in Windermere. It was a little bit chilly to begin with but you do warm up really quick in a wetsuit! I'm actually really impressed with my wetsuit, in fact I'd say it's the best thing I've bought all year (apart from my flights to Thailand). I'm a sucker for expensive thing's and even when I don't know the price of something, you can guarantee I'll pick out the most expensive item! So, of course I wanted one of the most expensive Rip Curl wetsuits there was on the market and no, I could not afford a £150+ wetsuit. My friend Clare sent me a link to the one I'm wearing which you can find here. It's out of stock at the moment so I can't link you directly to it but it's the Sola Premium Ignite wetsuit. Honestly, if you're thinking of getting out over the summer to do some swimming in the Lakes, get it! So affordable and such good quality! I'm sure it will be back in stock soon so just keep your eyes peeled. I think Sainsbury's have had 25% off their clothing so some clever buggar has probably snapped a load up! We swam for around half an hour yesterday which we think will have been about half a mile, so we are hoping to complete the mile in less than an hour on Saturday but I guess we will just have to wait and see how it goes. Well, it's almost time for bed.. not sure I should stay up for Love Island or go to bed and put the Bodyguard on.. Speak soon, L.

Lunch with Clare and Arlo


Hey loves! Today has been so good, even though I've just had to run up from the car with 3 full bags of shopping, in the rain, on my own! This is why I hate food shopping on my own because it's such a hard slog from the car up three flights of stairs! I met Clare and her gorgeous little boy Arlo for lunch at the Farmhouse Kitchen in Kendal. I really love it there, it's reasonably priced and the food is always spot on. It's always so busy whenever I've been in too, which is a good sign and I'd even go as far as saying it's one of the best places to grab a bite to eat in Kendal for lunch. I chose the mushroom and pancetta stack with black pudding and a poached egg, I was between that and the big potato rosti with smashed chilli avocado and a poached egg which Clare chose. We also shared a portion of halloumi fries, which I found a little salty actually. I'm not sure I'm THAT keen on halloumi, although I feel quite ashamed to say it because I'm such a cheese fan! We then wandered around town and I had a browse in Armstrong Ward and spotted this beautiful leather chair in the sale. I didn't manage to get a picture of the price but I just called them to confirm and they said it's down from £950 to £760, which I think is still pretty steep but I love the worn brown leather look and wooden arms. I want to invest in pieces like this when we eventually have our own home, whenever that will be I don't know! I also met with my other friend Emma (yes I have more than one friend, ha!) and I sat with her whilst she got her ears pierced. I also asked her to show me how her house is coming along, so I got to see that too and I can't imagine how excited she must be, doing up an old farmhouse! Now, I have to nip back out and pick Josh up. I'm actually so excited to see him! He's only been away since Saturday morning but it feels like I'm missing a limb without him here. It's frustrating because I sleep so badly when he's away but I love the space, especially in our king size bed! Speak soon, L.

Kayaking and wild swimming


Hey lovelies! Long time no speak. How are you doing? Happy bank holiday weekend! I'm so happy to be off for 3 days but it's slightly annoying that the weather has turned. Now, it's actually full on raining. My brother Alex and I got out on the kayaks today, Josh is away in London so I had to get someone to do something fun with me! Our bosses kindly lent us them, so we headed into the Lakes this afternoon, with a cheese and pickle butty, a packet of crisps and a curly wurly.. which I didn't actually eat come to think of it. Anyway, we kayaked for quite a long time. My arms began to hurt but it was nice to chill on the lake because it was so still. We took lots of photos of course, I told Alex I needed to check in here and I have run out of content from Thailand, so now I'm slacking on Instagram. Oh, it's a hard life, haha! I did get in for a good 15 minutes too, as you can see. After I warmed up I actually really enjoyed it and now I can't wait for the next time, which will most definitely be next week because we have the Great North Swim in 2 weeks! So, I must get my practise in before hand. What are you guys upto tonight? I'm meeting up with Bethany this evening for a few drinks, as we haven't really seen each other since Christmas. Plus, Josh and I received some good news earlier this week so we are cheering to that! I can't share what it is right now but I will in a few weeks, or maybe even sooner, who knows! Right, time for a steak pie and mash before I try to glam myself up a little. Speak soon, L.



Hey lovelies! How are you? This morning we went to Whinlatter forest, where I attempted mountain biking for the first time on a £3500 bike. There was a trial day on today at GoApe/Whinlatter Forest where you can borrow any one of their bikes for 45 minutes, in exchange for your ID and credit card, so I chose a Cube mountain bike. That means absolutely nothing to me but Josh said that they were good, so that's what I went for! We only attempted the blue route together which I struggled with, even though it is supposed to be easy. My fitness levels are at 0 right now, let me tell you! After that I said I'd wait in the car whilst Josh did a round on the red route, that's the hard route for the people who know what they are doing.. FYI! Then we had to rush home for lunch at the pub. You know, the competition I mentioned yesterday? The lunch at the Black Bull was good! I had haggis bhajis to start with a blood orange pickle, followed by roast lamb and then to finish I had an egg custard with rhubarb and gingerbread. I thoroughly enjoyed the pudding, that much so I could have eaten another one or perhaps brought it home to eat before bed this evening, ha! I had two glasses of red wine but it just made me feel so sleepy that I've been asleep for the past hour and I realised how much I hate dressing up. I only threw on some skinnies, a 'nice top' and my high heeled boots,  put a bit of make up on, tied my hair in a bun and I could not wait to get home into some comfy clothes, wipe my make up off and put some bio oil on. 24 year old me has become a totally new woman. When Josh and I first met, I remember that at any given opportunity we would go out for drinks, food, get dressed up, stay out late but now.. well now I just want quiet weekends, I want to see beautiful places, I want to wake up early and visit new places. I'm not so bothered about the fancy things in life anymore. Give me a big fleece, my leggings and a pair of trainers, a stove and some decent bacon and eggs and I'm a happy gal. Anyway, enjoy the rest of your Sunday. Love, L.

Puppy love


How freakin' cute are these pups? I'm in love! These are gorgeous German Short Haired Pointers and this is the same breeder who Josh got Oscar from, 12 years ago! For those of you who don't know, Josh already has a GSP who lives at home with his Mum. We didn't think it was right to bring him to a flat and to separate him from his 'sister', Izzy, who's a mix of collie and we think German Shepard. Josh visits them every now and again to take them out on a hike but we always knew that when the time was right, we would get one of our own! We have been between GSP's, Viszla's and Rhodesian Ridgback's. All three are incredibly beautiful dogs and are big breeds, which is what we have always wanted and if I could, I would have one of each! We actually put our names down to be contacted when the next litter is ready, which should be (if everything goes well) this time next year. Hopefully that gives us enough time to find our own house and have it ready for us and the pup... Am I wishful thinking? Probably! But it gives us something to aim for, I guess! Tomorrow Josh and I are off mountain biking. It's my first time so I'm a little scared but he said we can take it easy and go on an easier route than what he's used to. Then later in the afternoon we have Sunday lunched booked for all 6 of us, which I know I'll be ready for after an early start and biking! Anyway, time for a film and an early night. Enjoy your Saturday night, L.

This week


Evening guys! How are ya? This week has been a busy one and a hot one too, which is always nice, especially as it is the middle of May and it usually is our best month here in Cumbria. Dave the photographer and I were out on Tuesday and Wednesday getting some product shots of some roof boxes and bike carriers for work. It was nice to leave the office for the day and get outside, which doesn't happen very often! My car was the model for the day, so she got kitted out with a set of Atera bars, Kamei roof box and Thule bike carriers, so Dave can get the website updated.  I love how they have turned out, the quality of them is amazing! It makes me want to get a 'proper' camera and learn all about it. I'm sure Dave finds all my questions about his camera and what certain things mean super annoying! I probably won't be asked to go again.. haha! This evening I went for a walk with my mate Emma. I haven't seen in her in god knows how long so it was so lovely to catch up with her. It's so hard to see each other when we work all the time and then spend our free time with our boyfriends. I found out today that I won Sunday lunch for 4 at our local pub after sharing a photo on Facebook last week. I am so lucky! I didn't think I'd win anything else this year after winning that amazing nights stay at the Brimstone earlier this year but hey, I did say that this year was going to be 'our year' and we're only 5 months in! I need to read a bit more of that book 'The Secret' which is all about the Law of Attraction, which I think is totally true in my opinion and you should all have a read of 'The Secret', which you can find it here, if ya'll interested in a bit of a read. It's all about your thoughts and how they can attract what you're thinking, it sounds barmy but it's true! A positive outlook on life and a kind heart does come back around and thank you in some sort of way, believe me! Anyway, I'm currently watching the new Peter Rabbit. I think I'm going to get a shower and get an early night though. Josh is out on his football do so he'll be stumbling in at god knows what time! Thankfully my brother has agreed to pick him up, so I might actually enjoy a glass of vino or a G&T with a drop of elderflower cordial before I nod off. Fun Friday's! Speak soon, L.



Hey lovelies, how's your week going? I can't believe how beautiful it's been at home. I know I always go on about the weather (isn't that what us British do?) but it's so uplifting waking up to blue skies and warmth. It's proper good for the soul.. and don't tell me otherwise! After work today I went to see my pal Amy. She's the one who's been daft enough to sign up with me to do the Great North Swim. We were supposed to practice this evening in the river behind her house but we decided to go for a walk instead and play with Henry the puppy. How gorgeous is he?! We actually had the chance to have Henry's brother, a black cocker but it just isn't the right time, especially with Theo, he would not allow another pet in the house! He'd proper claw it to death. Plus I'd like our own home first before any pets and pet bills and pet food. It's just another expense! Anywho, I'm rambling and I'm extremely tired. I've literally just had some tea. Grilled cheese and tomatoes on toast, man it's the best. Oh, and I'm sipping a mug of hot chocolate that my Gran made for our walk but we never ended up drinking because I forgot to grab it out of my car and Amy told me she doesn't even like it anyway! Right, bed, ready for a new day tomorrow! Lots of love, L.

Vlog #9

Hello lovelies! Here's my Koh Tao vlog! I've had so much fun looking back at all the footage and I must admit that I do get a little emotional every time I watch it. It's so true what some people say, home doesn't have to be a house with windows, doors, a kitchen etc. It is how somewhere makes you feel and I can totally relate. I feel at home when I go to Thailand and as long as I have Josh with me, I can go anywhere. It was an absolutely amazing experience being able to dive with Ste, our open water instructor and Yasen who was a dive master in training. I trusted Ste with my life and couldn't have done it without him, so thank you so much Ste and Big Blue Diving for a fantastic 4 days open water diving on one of the most beautiful places in the world! Lastly, a big thank you to Billy Cloud @wtc.productions (find him on Insta, his shots are f***ing amazing!) for capturing our 2 final dives. Josh and I will cherish those memories for the rest of our lives. Anyway, you'll have to watch the rest of the vlog to see what goes on. Speak soon, L.



Good morning! I'm waking up to another glorious day here in Cumbria but unfortunately the weekend is over and I'm off to work shortly. Last night, after a bit of a lie down and a brew, Gran, Josh and I had a walk to the river, cooked the two last burgers and had a cider by the river until it got cold, so we quickly scurried home. It was glorious! Look at all the green lush trees and the blue sky. I love this time of year! Not much to report on my life right at this minute, besides from the fact I'm smiling from ear to ear because the weather is actually so lovely. I even think I'm going to wear my flip flops to work today, hopefully it won't be too cold sat in the office! Anywho, enjoy the week! I'm sure I'll be back tomorrow with some more photos. Lots of love, L.