Pregnancy – The Second Trimester

I can’t believe that I am almost into the third trimester! I thought because the first trimester went so slowly that the second would too but it has flown by! So far pregnancy has just been wonderful and I know I’m extremely lucky to say that I’ve found pregnancy really quite easy because the majority of women have a tough time. I’ve loved watching my stomach grow and using the excuse of “I’m eating for two” at any given opportunity. I’ve loved showing my bump off and dressing it up, feeling the wonderful wriggles and rolls and now seeing my skin move from the punches and kicks. I’ve even liked being designated driver and not drinking alcohol.. who knows, this may be the making of a t-total Llana… but don’t hold your breath!

Shop the dress here (affil)

Earlier this week we made a start on what will be the nursery. We were using this room as a dressing room and had originally planned to have a ‘walk in wardrobe’ style room. I had lots of ideas for the nursery and I would have loved to have gone a little crazy with greens and tropical wallpaper but in the end I decided to play it safe and keep it neutral on the walls and add pops of colour and bold print with the furnishings! I’ll share more photos of this room as it comes together.

My Gran has washed all the baby bits I have either been given or bought so I’ve gone through what I have so I don’t double up on anything. It’s so surreal that a little human being will fit into these doll size clothes! Erik is a little unsure of what’s going on.. he does not like the polar bear teddy or any of the other teddy’s we have. It must be a phobia of his!

Meeting baby Louie for the first time at only 2 weeks old made me all the more excited to meet our baby. It also scared me a little that we would be responsible for a tiny person.. I just hope that it does come naturally and we find our feet as quickly as possible. If anything, it’s not so much the birth that worries me at the moment but adapting and being able to take care of something so small and helpless does. I worry about leaving hospital and getting home. What happens in those first few hours? Will I feel normal or will I feel like I’m on another planet? Probably the latter! Will I be able to keep them warm enough or cool enough? Am I holding them correctly? Am I checking their nappy often enough and cleaning them properly? What about bathing them, how warm should the water be? These are just some of the things I think about daily! I know I’ll have the most amazing support system around me but I can’t help but wonder how we will manage!

I haven’t bought much for myself during the second trimester, as I haven’t really felt like I’ve needed to.. however, my favourite product given to me by a friend has to be My Little Coco bump butter which smells Devine and you only need a small amount to make your skin feel super hydrated. I apply this every other evening if I remember to and I try to do it more than an hour before bed, otherwise it can feel sticky on the sheets!

My undies were in need of a refresh so I picked up these M&S thongs and they have to be the comfiest knickers I own. So soft and go great under leggings! Especially those black thin maternity leggings where you feel a bit self conscious about your bum and people seeing your knickers/vpl!

Half way!

20 weeks

I can’t believe I’m already 20 weeks pregnant! When I talked about the first 12 weeks going so slow I never imagined the next 2 months would pass us by in a blink of an eye. At 17 weeks we had our first check up with my lovely midwife, Rachel, and got to listen to the babies heartbeat. We talked about where I might like to give birth and how I’ve been feeling over the last few weeks. She said I may begin to feel some flutters, although I thought I had already felt what I can only describe as butterflies.

I always wondered how it must feel to actually feel something growing, wriggling and kicking around inside your belly. It always really freaked me out whenever I saw wriggling babies under their pregnant mothers skin but when it happened to me for the first time it felt so surreal and reminded me that I was actually growing a tiny human in there! After the first kick, that Josh was lucky to experience too, the flutters and the moving just seemed to stop. I messaged my midwife after 5 days of not feeling anything as I was a little concerned, especially after it being so obvious the first time but she told me that it was completely normal not to feel movement for days with how early I still was (18 weeks).

A week later, on Friday night, after eating some spicy Thai food and a Cadburys cream egg, I began feeling lots of fluttery movements on the right side of my tummy. I immediately placed my hand on my skin and felt a little roll towards my hand! It was so lovely to feel him/her in there after days of not feeling a thing.

12 weeks vs 20 weeks

Today we had the anomaly scan which usually takes place at 18-22 weeks. This scan takes a little longer, as there’s lots of measuring involved to make sure the baby is growing as it should. If you want you can find out the sex of your baby but we didn’t want to know, so were told to look away when the Sonologist took a look at their genitals. I must admit, it was tempting to look but I am soooo looking forward to the surprise! When you compare the two scans with one another, it’s amazing how much they’ve developed within 8 weeks. We could really see their little feet and hands, spine, heart, the umbilical cord and even their kidneys! Their nose/mouth looks very Thai in this image. It might just be the angle but it does look like my Thai granny’s side profile!

I guess the countdown is on! Our Summer baby will be here in less than 5 months.. eeek! I’ll be sharing our nursery ideas soon, as I have lots of ideas and I can’t wait to see it come to life. My mind keeps changing from dark colours to light, from fun printed wall murals to plain. It’s not important in the grand scheme of things but you know how much I love interiors! Speak soon, L.

A wholesome weekend

On Friday I had a checkup with my midwife to check everything was all ok with the baby and I. I even got to to listen to his/hers heartbeat, which was so incredible! I had a few messages from friends to say that it sounds like a boy. Apparently, as the old wives tale goes.. a boys heartbeat sounds more like a chugging train and a girls like a galloping horse! I guess only time will tell. Do you know of any other old wives tales?

This weekend we got some odd jobs done around the house. We finally have a working sink in one of our bathrooms, which means no more brushing our teeth in the kitchen sink! It’s only taken a year… haha! We still have lots left to do but Josh is going to take some time off in April to get the main things done, ready for the arrival of our little one. I did lots of cooking and baked my first loaf cake in a long time. This time it was this pistachio and raspberry loaf with white chocolate topping shared by @thegreedymodel on Instagram.

Watching the sunrise in the Howgills

After feeling so lethargic the past few months, I finally managed to drag myself out of bed at 6am on Thursday morning to watch the sunrise. It was the most magical morning, the sky was pink and the ground was frosty. The moon was so big, it lit the sky up as I walked in the darkness along the old pipe line at the front of Crook, headed for the top of Sickers. I’ve only ever walked to Sickers once before, last summer, but it has to be one of my favourite walks from Sedbergh and would make a great wild camping spot in the warmer months! After reaching the pile of stones at the top of Sickers, I made my way up to Arant Haw and back towards Sedbergh. Nearing the farm and out of the bitterly cold wind, Erik and I sat in the sunshine, listening to the birds and the rest of the world waking up, whilst I sipped a flask of hot chocolate. I’d forgotten to enjoy moments like this over the last few months but I now know how valuable they are to me, for my body but most importantly my mind. Love, L.

Pregnancy – The First Trimester

The first trimester has felt like it was never ending. What made it hard was not just openly telling anyone and everyone that we were expecting and then awaiting my first scan at 12 weeks was torture! It was probably the longest couple of months I’d ever experienced, though I remember the countdowns to month long holidays in Thailand also felt the same.

I spoke a bit about how the first trimester has been when we announced that we were expecting but I wanted to share a few of the products I’ve picked up during those early stages, in case you have just found out your expecting or are looking for gifts/ideas for a friend or family member who has just told you they’re expecting!

The first thing I bought when I found out I was expecting was lotion for my stomach and boobs. It was the first thing I thought of buying because I knew I wanted to try and avoid stretch marks as best I could and keep my skin and well nourished as possible. After a little research I went for the Neals Yard Mothers Balm. It’s not anything like a cream or lotion or oil, it’s quite waxy.. like the name suggests, a balm. It doesn’t have a scent to it, which a lot of the women reviewing said they liked but I think I would have preferred a subtle scent, like lavender or something calming. Especially because I tend to put it on after my shower, before bed. I also haven’t really had much sickness, so a light scent would have been nice for me but perhaps not so much for others who have suffered badly with morning sickness during the first trimester.

The second product(s) I treated myself to were some comfortable non wired bras from M&S. Since COVID, I haven’t particularly worn a bra much and when I do, it’s either a plain t-shirt bra or a sports bra, neither of which are particularly comfortable. Because my boobs were just so painful to touch, I just wanted something soft I could wear everyday under my clothes, so I got this pack of three, 2 x black and 1 x white for £18. They’re the comfiest crop top/bras I’ve worn. So soft and go perfectly under my workwear.

Besides from a few items for the baby that I picked up pretty early due to the January sales, I was told by many other mothers that a pregnancy pillow was one of the best things they ever bought. Many bought them sometime during their second trimester and some in to their third but they encouraged me to get one as early as possible as it would really help with sleep and later help with breast feeding, if this is something am able to take to eventually. I’d originally looked at the bbhugme pillows, which are both highly rated and aesthetically pleasing but come with quite the price tag, so I looked about and ended up purchasing this Tommee Tippee one in the sale. It actually just arrived this afternoon and I’m currently sat in bed using it to prop me up whilst I type. I can confirm that it is firm and comfortable! I’m looking forward to a good nights sleep tonight and hopefully the pillow will make sleeping on my side much more comfortable, as I tend to sleep on my back which isn’t good for the baby later on in pregnancy.

That really is all I’ve bought so far. The next few items on my list I don’t really need until I get a bit bigger so I’ll share those in my second trimester round up. I’ve also got a few items in a basket from H&M I’d like to order, like some maternity dungarees, leggings and t-shirts, ready for the Spring. I am a little reluctant to buy maternity wear but I’ve always wanted some dungarees and for some reason I always think a baby bump goes so well in them! Anyway, hope you enjoyed this post. I promise I’m going to try and post more often! Let me know if there’s anything you’d like me to share ☺️

Finding out I was expecting

Early November, almost a week before my 27th birthday, I’d had this feeling all day at work that I was pregnant but I was too scared to pick up a test from our local pharmacy and Spar shop, in fear that I’d bump into someone I knew or was served by someone I knew.. which is more than likely with where we live, so I waited until Josh got home that evening to collect a test under the cover of darkness, hoping that nobody would catch us and start any rumours! I’d taken tests before, but this time felt different. I just knew that two lines were going to appear, so I took the test and turned it over to let it work it’s magic. I was too nervous to look, not because I was hoping it would or wouldn’t be but because I just knew in my gut what it was going to say anyway. Josh had the first peek and there it was… those two faint lines. It was so overwhelming, we sat there just wondering whether the faint line really meant I was pregnant or whether it could be a mistake but I read the instructions over and over and even the faintest of lines meant high levels of HCG were detected in my urine sample.. and this could only mean one thing.. we were going to be parents.

The next few days were like walking on cloud 9, I’d never felt anything quite like it. I couldn’t sleep because I was so excited to tell my friends and family. I was constantly thinking of wonderful ways I could share the news but shortly after I began to feel anxious about the future and whether we were able to fully support a child. My worries about our finances were consuming me and I worried that we would never be able to do all the things we’d planned, now that we were expecting. Those worries soon subsided when I began telling my family and friends. I could see how excited they were for us and I kept telling myself that if most other families can do it, then why the hell couldn’t we?

Soon after seeing a nurse, who surprisingly didn’t even check to see if I was pregnant with a urine sample because home tests are so reliable, I started developing some symptoms. The most noticeable one for me was how sore my boobs were and what literally nobody tells you.. constipation! The first week or two of this was incredibly hard. I was waking up in the night with the most horrendous stomach pains that I thought something was seriously wrong but apparently constipation is a common symptom of early pregnancy. I wish someone had told me at the beginning because I would have started eating prunes much earlier on, so take my advice. Buy the prunes and don’t delay! You’ll thank me later…

As the weeks passed, and the constipation disappeared, I did wonder if I was even pregnant. I’d had no sickness, only a little nausea which was neither here nor there, and my first midwife appointment was just a lot of questions, a blood test and a urine sample. I’d contemplated taking another test but for some reason didn’t and awaited the 12 week scan, just before Christmas. This was when it really began to feel real, though I sometimes don’t believe it, even now! To see a little person on the screen growing inside of me was just the most wonderful feeling. It was emotional and incredible to see its little heart beating and it’s arms moving around. What was more amazing was that it was only 5cm head to toe, which still blows my mind that something that small is fully formed, has a heart, fingers, toes, and lungs.

And now here we are, in a little bubble of happiness after a lovely first Christmas in our first home together, just waiting for the next time we’ll get to see him or her. I’ll keep you updated on how we get on! I’m so excited for this next chapter in our lives <3

Easedale Tarn and Tarn Crag | Grasmere

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It’s 10pm Monday evening and I’m in bed with a hot water bottle on my toes reflecting on what has been a busy but truly lovely weekend. We took Friday off to get a walk in, as the forecast said it was meant to be the perfect winter day, pure blue skies, no wind but it wasn’t as expected. We decided on a shortish walk from Grasmere up to Easedale Tarn and had planned on walking right around on to Helm Crag and back down but we set off a little later than planned and cut the walk short down Tarn Crag. We only ended up taking one bag with a sandwich each, some water, a flask of hot chocolate and that’s pretty much it. We should have known that Met Office can never be trusted, and packed ourselves a waterproof each but you live and you learn! When we got home I prepared some food some friends we had round that evening and ended up staying up well past my bedtime! I feel like it’s all caught up on me and I’m literally falling asleep as I type this… so I’m going to leave it here. Love, L.

Decorating for Christmas

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Our first Christmas in our first home together. What an amazing feeling! When we were renovating (still are), it felt like forever until we’d actually be in, settled and making our house a home. We still have so much to do but I love how cosy the living room is at the moment. We usually get a real tree for Christmas but we’d easily spend £60 a year on that for it to be then thrown out, so this year I decided to get us a fake one from Habitat. It was £90, so a low end/mid range price in comparison to a lot of trees you see on the market but I am actually super happy with how it looks. It’s actually reduced at the moment if you’re a little late to the Christmas party, you can find it here.

I used all the decorations I had accumulated over the years. Many bought in sales and the odd one here or there that we picked up whenever we visited a nice shop. I just bought a roll of tartan ribbon from TKMaxx and made some bows to add a touch of red and I’ll also use some to hang the wreath I made on the front door. I also bought some trays with oasis in to decorate the mantle with some foliage I’d collected. I think it needs a bit of colour or some delicate fairy lights but I’m super happy with how it turned out!

This weekend I have some friends coming round for tea, some house work to do and the last bits to find and order for the bathrooms. And I think we are going to make time to get ourselves to Manchester Christmas markets, seeing as I couldn’t get there the other week and last year was a right off. I’m not letting anything stop us enjoying ourselves or spending time with loved ones this year! Have a lovely week! <3

First snow of 2021

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Storm Arwen

Well, that certainly wasn’t the weekend I was expecting or had in mind. I had train tickets booked to Manchester with my friend Bethany, so we could enjoy the Christmas markets, eat some nice food, buy some Christmas presents and just treat ourselves.. but most the trains were cancelled and we missed the only one that was running, which I’m kind of glad about because it doesn’t look like we’d have made it home! So instead we treated ourselves to breakfast at the Farmhouse Kitchen in Kendal, walked round the shops and had a little ride out to Ambleside. By 3pm I was shattered and ready for a cup of tea and a lie down. No sure how I would have ever managed a whole day in Manchester!

On Sunday I’d planned to get up really early, pre sunrise, for a walk in the Lakes but obviously due to the weather the roads weren’t great so we stuck to the good old Howgills, right on our door step and had a wander up on to Arant Haw. It was so slippy most of the way up but once we got to where the thick snow was it was so magical. I just hope it snows like this on Christmas Day because it’s our first year hosting and I want it to be extra special this year! It was tough going, I haven’t been on a proper walk in so long, I felt out of touch with it. The best part is when you get back down and you go to the pub or a cafe and order something sweet and warm, like hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows and a huge bowl of cheesy chips with sweet chilli sauce. Yep, that was my order at Smatt’s Duo cafe in Sedbergh, the perfect after walk combo.

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Josh and Dan with Arant Haw in the background

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Mum, Dad and Erik at the top of Arant Haw. Great timing with the little love heart snow flake on Erik’s cheek.

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Mum and I at the top of Arant Haw

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Snow covered Howgill Lane

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Mum and a ginormous hot chocolate in Smatt’s Duo

Nimsdai Purja – Kendal Mountain Festival

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Anything is possible

On Friday afternoon, Josh and I rocked up at the Brewery Arts Centre in Kendal, ready to watch an early screening of Nimsai Purja’s 14 Peaks, Anything is Possible.. until I actually read my ticket and we should have been at a totally different venue, so we ran back to the car and off to the Leisure Centre we went. The film was incredible and I highly recommend watching it when it’s released in a few days time on Netflix. We’ll certainly be watching it again!

The footage was all recorded by Nims and his team which is incredibly. But what inspired me most was Nims and his team approach to life. They weren’t too serious, they knew how to have good time but more importantly they were team players. They knew that to achieve what everyone thought was impossible, they would have to be able to rely on one another because on your own, something like this would be near impossible.

After the film ended there was a standing ovation, as the whole room welcomed Nims on to the stage. I was already emotional after seeing Nims Mother on screen  – who reminded me so much of my Thai Granny, so it was real hard to hold the tears back. I felt, in a sort of way, proud that someone from a Nepali background was making history and setting the pace for future climbers and adventurers, even though I’m not Nepalese myself! Kendal Mountain Film Festival is one of the best events held so close to home, I’m already looking forward to next years and making a full weekend out of it. Who knows who we might see there next year!

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A day in Edinburgh


Christmas Shopping, eating & drinking

We had originally planned to stay in Edinburgh for two nights to celebrate my birthday and as just a little break for the two of us, seeing as we haven’t really been anywhere or spent some time and money on ourselves in so long. Then 2 weeks before our weekend break, the Air BnB cancelled on us and every hotel, bed & breakfast, apartment etc. were charging well over the odds so we decided to keep our reservation at one of our most loved restaurants and get the train up for the day and head back home for the evening.

We got one of the earliest trains from Oxenholme to Waverley, which took around 2 and a bit hours. When we got to Edinburgh the sun was shining and it was just the most perfect crisp November morning. We headed over to St James Quarter which has a whole load of lovely shops and a huge John Lewis which I’ve never really shopped in before, but it was great to get some ideas for Christmas presents.

We forgot how much shopping and travelling really tires you out and because we are so out of sync with doing stuff like this, we were really looking forward to sitting down and having some food at Tattu. Ah, the food, the service, the atmosphere, the decor is just unlike anywhere else and we had a lovely waitress called Alba who looked after us for the afternoon.

Afterwards, we headed over to the Alchemist and enjoyed a few cocktails each before getting the train home. It was such a lovely day but I did feel like we needed a few extra hours or a night in the city centre so we could spend a bit more time browsing, eating and drinking. I’m looking forward visiting the Manchester Christmas markets in a few weeks time!

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Hello & welcome to my very messy ‘dressing’ room.. This was me at 7:30am drinking Lemsip, waiting for Josh to get out the shower.

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What I’m wearing:

Topshop Jeans, here

Zara boots, here

Zara body, here

River Island bag, here

All Saint leather jacket, here

Leather belt old from ASOS

I treated myself to the green/yellow jumper from & Other Stories whilst n Edinburgh, you can find it here. But this colour doesn’t appear to be online.

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Our original booking for when we were staying over was for the evening but the lovely lady I spoke to helped us change our reservation to earlier in the day, so we were able to enjoy the food and a few drinks without having to rush off to catch the last train home. We had a sticky beef short rib and Sznchuan rock shrimp for starters. The rock shrimp was delicious, highly recommend that if you go. Then for mains we shared the fillet steak and caramel soy with duck egg and Chinese sausage fried rice, Thai style crispy monk fish and special fried sweet potato. The fillet steak was beautiful and perfectly cooked, highly recommend. You can find the Edinburgh menu here.

Autumn Days

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Wonderful colours of Autumn

Isn’t nature just delightful? I love it when the seasons change and now that the rain has (dare I say it) finally stopped.. the colours of the leaves changing from green to gold and the soft sunlight in a morning after the clocks changed over the weekend is just magical. I love this time of year! We have lots planned this month, so I’d like to begin posting regularly again by sharing 2 posts a week, on a Wednesday and a Sunday, over the next few months because I always find November and December to be the busiest and most fun months of the year and I love documenting it by taking lots of photographs!

I recently started selling a lot of my old clothes on Depop in order to treat myself to some new items for my wardrobe. I’ve always loved fashion and trying to dress nice, and that’s what I’d really love to share more of over the coming months but I’m ordering stuff and not liking in and having to send it back which is so frustrating. I just have no idea what I like anymore or how I want to dress. I find there’s just way too much inspo out there and a lot of the stuff I like on other people just doesn’t suit me. I loved the years I used to wear chunky loafers, tights and mini skirts, those were my favourite outfits but I can’t even find any skirts I like or any shoes, other than trainers, but I want something that’s a bit more dressy and not so casual. Gosh, that was a ramble. Hopefully I’ll have my style figured out soon so I can share some outfit posts and rope Josh in to helping me with those.. wish me luck!

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