Halfway with baby number 2

I can’t believe we’re already half way through this second pregnancy. Time has gone fast but has also stood still.. the countdown from here is now on, my brain can’t quite handle it!
With this pregnancy I’ve found it a little different to my first. I don’t think I’m showing as much, although I am feeling a lot more movement which started as early as around 14 weeks. I’ve even managed to feel the kicks on my hand which I don’t recall feeling on the outside as early on last time.
I’ve weirdly got more energy, whether that’s because I’ve had to with having a toddler or down to something else.. but I definitely feel a lot fitter and more energetic.
Saying that though, I have had sciatica early on this time, right down one leg and in one butt cheek. I remember getting this real bad for the first time around 33 weeks when we were on our ‘baby moon’ in Rhodes, so it came as a bit of a shock to get it around 18 weeks with this one!
My skin is worse, I’ve had some awful spots and dryness, whereas last time I thought my skin was glowing! It could be down to my lack of sleep and not eating as well during my last pregnancy… who knows!

A few days ago we had our 20 week scan! I was super nervous and excited for this scan, my tummy was doing somersaults on the way to hospital. This scan is a lot more in depth, with measurements being taken of babies head and thigh bone, checking the blood flow in to the heart and the umbilical cord. It is so fascinating and I still count my lucky stars that we are on this journey again. If you follow me on Instagram, you may know that Josh and I have felt a little indifferent when it comes to finding out this babies sex. I was against finding out whereas Josh was keen to find out this time around. When the sonographer asked whether we wanted to know, we said we would like it written down if possible, which she was happy to do for us. When I got home I stuck the envelope on the fridge, alongside the new scan images. Even though initially I didn’t want to know, I was so tempted to open it up and have a peep! That night we said we needed to make a decision, find out or not, so we battled it out over rock, paper, scissors. The first 3 times we drew the same hand! Paper, scissors, scissors, if you’re wondering… and on the 4th go Josh drew scissors and I drew rock, so I won and on to the fire it went. Part of me felt a little gutted but now I feel so much better that the temptation has gone! We have no more scans now, which means we don’t get to see him/her again until they arrive in to the world – isn’t that crazy?!

Trying to make the most of these days with just one baby to look after before the sleepless nights and exhausting days. Wouldn’t have it any other way though!