What we did in Phuket

After spending one whole month at my Grandma’s home in the scorching heat I was so ready for that sea breeze. When we visit Phuket, we always stay at the same place in Patong. It’s located on Nanai Road, 4 roads back from the beach road so it’s much quieter but not too far to walk, get a tuk tuk or ride a ped to the food market, beach, shopping centre or main strip. They have space to park motorbikes or a car, if you’re hiring either of those too, and it’s sheltered from the sun, so no burnt bottoms when hopping on your ped!

My Mum & Dad had eaten at Kan’s Haus on the beach front last time they visited Patong and highly recommended it, so we ended up eating breakfast here a couple of times, overlooking the sea.

Later one afternoon we made our way South of Patong to Nai Harn beach. I remember coming here for the first time a few years ago and it being so quiet but now it is one of the most popular beaches I’d say. It was really nice to arrive late afternoon, as it wasn’t scorching hot and we sat and had tea on this lovely green picnic mat I’d bought up at my Gran’s. The sunset was just beautiful, I could’ve sat all evening just listening to the waves.

Usually we’d rent motorbikes to get around the island but with a baby now in tow we didn’t feel it was safe enough to be driving around on peds, so Josh and I rented a small car to get around. My favourite beach in Phuket as of our last trip would be Surin. It’s a fair drive from Patong but it is lovely and there are lots of individual food stalls a couple metres from the beach serving all sorts, which is really handy. The under currents here are really strong though, which is something to bear in mind if you’re travelling with children old enough to swim alone or if you’re not a confident swimmer.

We had some Singha’s whilst watching the sunset and Mali enjoyed her sunset dip, taking a few steps along the soft sandy beach.

That night, my Mum and Dad offered to have Mali so we could spend the evening together doing whatever we fancied. We headed out for food and a massage, which was heaven. It was songkran though, which is Thai new year, so we ended up getting absolutely soaked before we even got to a restaurant.

The following day was spent relaxing by the pool and then heading down to our friends bar and restaurant for food. I used to love songkran as a child but now I just find it an inconvenience, especially with a baby. Definitely something you have to experience but when you’ve experienced it more than you can count on two hands, that’s enough for me!

And the following day we woke early to make our way to Koh Phi Phi. This was all of our bags, between 4 of us! It was a struggle, to say the least. Next time I’m definitely going to have to learn to pack much better than this.