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Hello! From a very full and bloated Llana. I’ve just demolished a roast beef dinner, with all of my favourite trimmings.. cheesy leeks, roast potatoes, cabbage, yorkshire puddings, honey glazed carrots and proper gravy. Urgh! I think it was one of the best roast dinners I’ve ever had, thanks Grandma. Not to mention the sticky toffee pudding with custard and ice cream to finish things off. How can you not on a Sunday?!

How has your weekend been? I’ve been so busy! We cleaned the house from top to bottom and got rid of a lot of sh*t. It is slowly beginning to feel like a house! I’m contemplating using emulsion on the floor board downstairs and on the landing for the time being, just to tidy things up a little. What do you reckon?

Oh, and we have carpets! I cannot believe it. It feels so snug now. The guys at Westmorland Flooring have just been wonderful. I cannot thank them enough for managing to squeeze us in and for helping us pick this lovely wool carpet. We just need to get the doors painted and back on, so we can actually shut them. Although we don’t have any rim lock keeps or door knobs at the moment, but the keeps are on their way and we can always use the old door knobs for now until we find some we like.

This evening I’ve made a wreath which my friend over from @forageandfoliage dropped off. It was so nice to do something hands on, instead of just stare at the tele or my phone until tea time. I will get a pic of that sometime this week, perhaps hung on the door at the house.. even though we are hoping to replace the glass and sand it, prime it and paint it first.

Anyway, I’m in bed and I’m ready to watch something on Netflix. We started The Queens Gambit on Friday night which is class. I highly recommend, even Josh likes it too! It’s just so different, I love it. So, enjoy the rest of your Sunday. Speak soon, L.