We’re ready for carpets!

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Couldn’t start a blog post without beautiful Erik’s little face, could I?

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He’s loving paddling in the water at the moment. Just takes himself off for a little roam about!

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The office all painted up (besides the door which we’ll do at a later date). What do you think of the colour? It’s like a green/grey. Going to look good with our wooden book case, a huge pin board and a ton of prints on the wall. Ps, send me your favourite places for prints. Preferably small independent people/business please <3

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This it the spare room and it is by far my most favourite room in the house at the moment. I love to dark walls! I was so nervous to do it but so glad I did. I cannot wait to show you the colour and how we finish this room off. I have so many ideas now, I just need to win the lottery, lol. Ps, these images are from yesterday and the painting was not finished then. 

Hello, hello, hello lovely people. How have you been? It’s been some time since I last posted and I can now finally say that the three rooms being carpeted on Friday have now been painted and we are very happy with how they have turned out. I spent last night giving the place a good clean and I used Zoflora on the windows to get rid of all the mould, YUK! Anyway, they scrubbed up pretty well and they will do until the Spring/Summer when Josh will have time to take them out and give them a proper sand and replace the glass etc. I took today off work to finish all the fiddly painting jobs, like painting under the picture rails and above, as well as finishing off the skirting boards. God it’s a pain in the butt but when you use frog tape… peeling it off is just a wonderful feeling, one I can’t quite describe. I won’t be back now until the carpets are in. I’m just going to lie there, on the wool carpets, roll around perhaps, maybe even open a bottle of prosecco to celebrate. Anyone would think we were moving in.. not yet unfortunately but hopefully soon. Right, well.. long day tomorrow! Work and then college, which by the way is very enjoyable and I am totally loving finding my creative self again, as well as meeting other like minded people. Right, it is way past my bed time so.. goodnight and don’t let the bed bugs bite!

Lots of love, L.