Pregnancy – The Second Trimester

I can’t believe that I am almost into the third trimester! I thought because the first trimester went so slowly that the second would too but it has flown by! So far pregnancy has just been wonderful and I know I’m extremely lucky to say that I’ve found pregnancy really quite easy because the majority of women have a tough time. I’ve loved watching my stomach grow and using the excuse of “I’m eating for two” at any given opportunity. I’ve loved showing my bump off and dressing it up, feeling the wonderful wriggles and rolls and now seeing my skin move from the punches and kicks. I’ve even liked being designated driver and not drinking alcohol.. who knows, this may be the making of a t-total Llana… but don’t hold your breath!

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Earlier this week we made a start on what will be the nursery. We were using this room as a dressing room and had originally planned to have a ‘walk in wardrobe’ style room. I had lots of ideas for the nursery and I would have loved to have gone a little crazy with greens and tropical wallpaper but in the end I decided to play it safe and keep it neutral on the walls and add pops of colour and bold print with the furnishings! I’ll share more photos of this room as it comes together.

My Gran has washed all the baby bits I have either been given or bought so I’ve gone through what I have so I don’t double up on anything. It’s so surreal that a little human being will fit into these doll size clothes! Erik is a little unsure of what’s going on.. he does not like the polar bear teddy or any of the other teddy’s we have. It must be a phobia of his!

Meeting baby Louie for the first time at only 2 weeks old made me all the more excited to meet our baby. It also scared me a little that we would be responsible for a tiny person.. I just hope that it does come naturally and we find our feet as quickly as possible. If anything, it’s not so much the birth that worries me at the moment but adapting and being able to take care of something so small and helpless does. I worry about leaving hospital and getting home. What happens in those first few hours? Will I feel normal or will I feel like I’m on another planet? Probably the latter! Will I be able to keep them warm enough or cool enough? Am I holding them correctly? Am I checking their nappy often enough and cleaning them properly? What about bathing them, how warm should the water be? These are just some of the things I think about daily! I know I’ll have the most amazing support system around me but I can’t help but wonder how we will manage!

I haven’t bought much for myself during the second trimester, as I haven’t really felt like I’ve needed to.. however, my favourite product given to me by a friend has to be My Little Coco bump butter which smells Devine and you only need a small amount to make your skin feel super hydrated. I apply this every other evening if I remember to and I try to do it more than an hour before bed, otherwise it can feel sticky on the sheets!

My undies were in need of a refresh so I picked up these M&S thongs and they have to be the comfiest knickers I own. So soft and go great under leggings! Especially those black thin maternity leggings where you feel a bit self conscious about your bum and people seeing your knickers/vpl!