Baby moon in Rhodes

The Hotel

Finding somewhere that would be fairly hot mid May, picturesque and pregnancy friendly was actually pretty easy. As soon as we spotted Casa Cook on the Thomas Cook website we just knew that spending a week there pre baby would be just perfect. I read every single review on Tripadvisor, as I always do, and after getting our friends on board for the vacation we got it booked.

What I loved about Casa Cook, Rhodes were the two pools and the pool accessible from your own private sunbathing terrace. I thought we’d spend all our time in our own little private spaces but we didn’t, mainly because the sun only caught our terraces from 11am until around 3pm. We did however spend most of our days basking in the sunshine by, what we called, the ‘quiet pool’. There was no music, the pool was refreshingly cool and there never seemed to be that many people around it. Perhaps because the walk to the bar/restaurant was a fair walk away.. but we didn’t mind that. We stocked up on ice coffee, Haribo’s and crisps from the local supermarket. What a diet!

The food at Casa Cook was really good. Breakfast was served from 7am-11am and there was a great variety of breads, local delicacies, cooked bacon, eggs, etc. which was included in our stay. We ate lunch and dinner there most days too, which I enjoyed more than breakfast. I recommend the hummus and Grandmas potatoes, they were two of my favourite poolside snacks!

Rhodes Old Town

On one of the less sunnier days, which actually turned out to be a lovely sunny day, we hired a car from our hotel to explore a little more of the island. The guy we rented the car from gave us a few suggestions and told us to visit the Old Town early on, as traffic/parking would get worse in the afternoon. Wow, the Old Town was stunning. The beautiful cobbled streets, the shops, the cute cafes, the flowers in bloom made it all so beautiful. I recommend veering off the main streets to find some hidden gems!

Anthony Quinn’s Bay

This little cove is so picturesque but it is only small so you may struggle to get a lounger, which costs €6 each. However, it’s definitely worth stopping by and going for a swim or even stopping for a drink at the cafe before you head down to the beach which looked lovely and super busy! It was very ‘instagrammable’.

St. Paul’s Bay & Lindos

The few people I spoke to who have visited Rhodes recommended the restaurant in St Paul’s Bay – Tambakio. It was stunning.. really. The perfect place for an intimate wedding. There was a huge range of food to choose from, from salads, seafood, meat, pasta etc. which all sounded amazing. I ended up going for a Caesar salad and chips which were delicious but I kind of wished I’d gone for the Scallops or another type of seafood dish because Kelly’s seafood pasta looked amazing!

How I found being 33 weeks pregnant

I was 32 and a half weeks pregnant when we flew out to Rhodes and by this point I was feeling quite tired, so it was really lovely to just sunbathe, eat and swim for a week. The flight out was ok, though I kept needing the toilet after drinking too much before the departure. Don’t treat yourself to a vanilla chai latte 10 minutes before take off.. my bladder just isn’t the same as it used to be! I definitely recommend booking an aisle seat if you can, at least then you are quickly up and to the loo and don’t have to disturb any other passengers.

I remembered to pack my flight socks, so managed not to get swollen feet/ankles for our holiday, but totally forgot to put them on on the way back.. and ended up walking through Edinburgh airport looking like an elephant. But at least we were heading home! The swelling didn’t go down for a day or two which was uncomfortable, so if this happens to you remember to elevate your feet at any given chance! I slept quite well on the flight back, mainly because it was an evening flight and we were delayed almost 3 hours and I didn’t find it too uncomfortable.

Whilst in Rhodes, I did find my skin to be extra sensitive. I got quite bad heat spots all over my body which itched so much, on top of the dozens of insect bites I got on my ankles and legs. It wasn’t pleasant and I didn’t sleep so well without my pregnancy pillow either. I’d definitely recommend packing a decent insect repellent – I usually use the Avon Skin So Soft, an insect bite cream or balm like Tiger balm to help soothe the itchiness, a good factor 50 that allows your skin to breathe and sweat to escape so you don’t develop heat spots and if possible, try to take your pillow so you get a decent nights sleep! Obviously the repellant and bite cream only applies if you’re loved by ants and flies etc. but it’s always worth carrying something you know works than spending unnecessary money on crap stuff.

I felt most comfortable wearing bikinis and long linen shirts most days. On evenings I wore long stretchy dresses but some linen trousers to stop my thighs from chaffing would have been a good option. Talcum powder was needed too, which unfortunately I forgot to pack! Ideal for getting in those nooks and crannies you’re not used to having!