Half way!

20 weeks

I can’t believe I’m already 20 weeks pregnant! When I talked about the first 12 weeks going so slow I never imagined the next 2 months would pass us by in a blink of an eye. At 17 weeks we had our first check up with my lovely midwife, Rachel, and got to listen to the babies heartbeat. We talked about where I might like to give birth and how I’ve been feeling over the last few weeks. She said I may begin to feel some flutters, although I thought I had already felt what I can only describe as butterflies.

I always wondered how it must feel to actually feel something growing, wriggling and kicking around inside your belly. It always really freaked me out whenever I saw wriggling babies under their pregnant mothers skin but when it happened to me for the first time it felt so surreal and reminded me that I was actually growing a tiny human in there! After the first kick, that Josh was lucky to experience too, the flutters and the moving just seemed to stop. I messaged my midwife after 5 days of not feeling anything as I was a little concerned, especially after it being so obvious the first time but she told me that it was completely normal not to feel movement for days with how early I still was (18 weeks).

A week later, on Friday night, after eating some spicy Thai food and a Cadburys cream egg, I began feeling lots of fluttery movements on the right side of my tummy. I immediately placed my hand on my skin and felt a little roll towards my hand! It was so lovely to feel him/her in there after days of not feeling a thing.

12 weeks vs 20 weeks

Today we had the anomaly scan which usually takes place at 18-22 weeks. This scan takes a little longer, as there’s lots of measuring involved to make sure the baby is growing as it should. If you want you can find out the sex of your baby but we didn’t want to know, so were told to look away when the Sonologist took a look at their genitals. I must admit, it was tempting to look but I am soooo looking forward to the surprise! When you compare the two scans with one another, it’s amazing how much they’ve developed within 8 weeks. We could really see their little feet and hands, spine, heart, the umbilical cord and even their kidneys! Their nose/mouth looks very Thai in this image. It might just be the angle but it does look like my Thai granny’s side profile!

I guess the countdown is on! Our Summer baby will be here in less than 5 months.. eeek! I’ll be sharing our nursery ideas soon, as I have lots of ideas and I can’t wait to see it come to life. My mind keeps changing from dark colours to light, from fun printed wall murals to plain. It’s not important in the grand scheme of things but you know how much I love interiors! Speak soon, L.