A wholesome weekend

On Friday I had a checkup with my midwife to check everything was all ok with the baby and I. I even got to to listen to his/hers heartbeat, which was so incredible! I had a few messages from friends to say that it sounds like a boy. Apparently, as the old wives tale goes.. a boys heartbeat sounds more like a chugging train and a girls like a galloping horse! I guess only time will tell. Do you know of any other old wives tales?

This weekend we got some odd jobs done around the house. We finally have a working sink in one of our bathrooms, which means no more brushing our teeth in the kitchen sink! It’s only taken a year… haha! We still have lots left to do but Josh is going to take some time off in April to get the main things done, ready for the arrival of our little one. I did lots of cooking and baked my first loaf cake in a long time. This time it was this pistachio and raspberry loaf with white chocolate topping shared by @thegreedymodel on Instagram.