Watching the sunrise in the Howgills

After feeling so lethargic the past few months, I finally managed to drag myself out of bed at 6am on Thursday morning to watch the sunrise. It was the most magical morning, the sky was pink and the ground was frosty. The moon was so big, it lit the sky up as I walked in the darkness along the old pipe line at the front of Crook, headed for the top of Sickers. I’ve only ever walked to Sickers once before, last summer, but it has to be one of my favourite walks from Sedbergh and would make a great wild camping spot in the warmer months! After reaching the pile of stones at the top of Sickers, I made my way up to Arant Haw and back towards Sedbergh. Nearing the farm and out of the bitterly cold wind, Erik and I sat in the sunshine, listening to the birds and the rest of the world waking up, whilst I sipped a flask of hot chocolate. I’d forgotten to enjoy moments like this over the last few months but I now know how valuable they are to me, for my body but most importantly my mind. Love, L.