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Good morning! It’s 6:30am here and we are sat in Phuket international airport, waiting for our flight. We arrived a little earlier than we should have, as I thought we were flying an hour earlier than what we are, oops. Josh is not impressed, especially because I didn’t get in to bed until about 1am last night and he’s still not feeling too good. Even though he managed to try a bit of curry last night at the Indian Curry Club in Patong, which is well worth a visit if you love Indian food. The naan breads are delicious and the Chicken Bhuna I had was be-au-tiful! I could actually eat it again now with a few french fries, lol. Curry for breakfast? Why the hell not?! Probably a bit TMI but I have so many bites from the last few nights and they aren’t in the best of places… I have so many on my chest, it’s so so itchy and weirdly, on the palm of my hands, they constantly feel like they are on fire. Must be ant bites, the little s***s! Anyway, here are a few photos from our second to last day in Thailand. We spent the day at Surin beach and watched the sunset, one last time before heading home. Surin was somewhere we spent a lot of our holiday’s as children and I remember the waves being powerful back then, never mind now when they knocked me over and I scraped my face along the sea bed and almost broke my back. I’m not even kidding, my back is so sore. I thought a massage may have cured it but it didn’t, so I’m really not looking forward to the long journey home. I’m getting kind of peckish but I only have a bag of change which probably equals 75p, so I don’t think it will buy me anything substantial. I guess I’ll have to wait for breakfast to be served on our flight and hope that it’s not too long into the flight. Well on that note, I’m going to check out. I’m sure I have lots of photos left that I want to post here so this won’t be the end of my Thailand posts, that’s for sure. See you on the flip side, L.