English breakfast tea


Where we stayed: The Akyra TAS Sukhumvit, Bangkok


I love coming in from a busy day exploring, showering and sitting down to a cuppa tea. Especially when you get to wear fresh cotton gowns and get to sip out of delicately painted cups. That was back in Bangkok.. this morning looks a little different. My dressing gown is thick and fleecy, from M&S, and my cup of tea isn’t out of a tea pot but instead I’m sipping it out of my favourite mug, listening to the birds tweet, whilst the cat is curled up on my lap, after getting all my holiday clothes bunged in the washing machine. I’ve been up since 6:30am and thought it was best I get up and do something, so I can get back into the swing of early mornings and UK time. Josh is currently at Preston train station, picking the rest of my family up who caught a later flight and we’re all sitting down to a big fry up brunch when they arrive back, courtesy of my lovely Grandma who knows how to cook up a good spread. The plan for today is to pay some bills we’ve received through the post.. we forgot to set up our new council tax bill before going away, so we have 2 days to pay it, then probably go for a walk or a food shop and then we have a wedding night do later this evening. I really need to sort my face out though, as flying really brings out lots of spots. It’s so annoying because my skin has been amazing all holiday and now I look like I have chicken pox or something (okay, it’s not that bad, I have like one on my forehead, which I picked and a few under the skin on my cheek). Anyway, enough rambling and more doing, I have videos I want to put together so I will speak to you soon, lots of love, L.