What life taught me in 2019


Photos taken at Old Harry's Rocks - Dorset

The law of attraction is real.

I thought it too.. what a load of bollocks. Believe me, I don't buy in to stuff so easily but I bought 'The Secret' at the beginning of the year after seeing a number of influencers on Instagram talking about it. It's all about how you attract your own destiny, I guess. It's about thinking about what you want, every single day and doing your best to get it. So obviously, if you think about something, you are constantly making decisions that will get you where you want to be or get you that dream holiday you've been wishing for for so long or that promotion at work. It doesn't even have to be anything big but I believe it works. I've seen such a change in myself and my relationship with my friends, family and Josh over the past year, in a good way.

Good things take time, hard work and perseverance. 

It's so hard to remember that good things do often take time, lots of hard work and perseverance, even when you feel like giving up. Relationships, work, general life, you name it, you gotta work at it. It may often seem that your friends or co-workers get an amazing life handed to them on a silver plate but it's not always the case and there's one thing I will always remind myself when I feel jealous of someone's career or house or family and that's 'would you want to be them?' and every single time, the answer is no. If you want something, go out and get it and don't let your jealousy or lack of desire crush that.

Think more about yourself and your well being.

No, it's not selfish to think about yourself and to look after yourself when you need it most. Find the things that make you happy and learn to take some time out away from every day life to do those things that make you smile. One thing I told myself this year was that I wouldn't attend any events where I knew I wouldn't feel comfortable. I cut back on my alcohol in take which has made me feel 10 times better in myself and my appearance. I began eating healthier (throughout Summer, most certainly not now) but also ate what I wanted when I wanted. I cleared my wardrobe out and made a fresh start for the year ahead. I note down all the things I want to achieve in the day/week/month/year and I look at it all the time to ensure I'm on track. I feel organised this way and it makes me happy!

24 is a good age and growth is good.

I'm actually 25 now but for the majority of 2019 I was 24 and it was one of the best years of my life. I don't want to get any older but it's pretty inevitable. I think 24 has been the best age so far, I've managed to figure myself out, I know who I am, what I want, what I hate, what I'm good at and what I'm bad at. I'm at that age now where I'm not afraid to say no, or yes for that matter and I'm just really enjoying learning all about myself. I look back at my teenage years and although I don't regret any of the stupid decisions I made, I don't see myself as that person anymore. Dare I say that I feel much more of a grown woman? I don't know, I'm a massive child at heart but I'm really loving getting to know.. me!