Sharing a little footage from the weekend

As you’ve probably seen, from all the posts on Insta and my previous two blog posts, we went camping this weekend and went on a beautiful walk the day after with my family. Silly us forgot to charge the drone remote control, so frustratingly captured nothing on that.. and both my camera and the DJI Mimo ran out of battery on Sunday morning, resulting in me using 3 cameras in total but never mind! You live and you learn. I need to invest in a good portable charger and some spare batteries in the New Year! There’s no point me going over what I’ve already told you in the previous posts, so I do hope you enjoy this one. Sorry it’s a little all over the place, I lost my train of thought and got overwhelmed with the beautiful scenery because it was SUCH a nice day. Please, please give it a thumbs up if you do decide to watch and I’ve noticed we have a few new subscribers, so thank you! Speak soon, L.