How I found my first day of open water diving…


Well, I survived my first day diving in the deep blue sea. Amazing right? I always imagined myself diving but never did I imagine how fearful I would be. The sea is a scary place but so beautiful when you get to explore it using Scuba equipment. This morning we had our exam, where we were asked about 40+ questions, which was all stuff that we learnt in the classroom, in the pool the day before and when we did our homework later in the evening. I didn't get enough questions right the first time around so went back, read the question thoroughly and re- answered. Thankfully, I passed the test. I'm not all that good with tests and the academic side of things but instead prefer to be more hands on and learn through experience. Surprisingly, I felt so much more confident in the sea than I did when we were in the pool yesterday. It came so much more naturally and I felt relaxed, in control and it was so much fun! We are diving as a group of 5, plus our dive instructor and dive master in training. It's a fabulous group! We are all a similar age and we all seem to have the same laid back personality, so nobody feels rushed or guilty for slowing the group down. I love it! Anyway, I'm lying in bed, in the dark, waiting for Josh to come home from watching the United match. I don't think it's a very good result, so hopefully he won't be too long to bed as we have to be up at at the restaurant for 6:15am, to catch a boat to Chumpon Pinnacle, where we will experience our 3rd dive! I'm keeping my fingers crossed (and rubbing my nipples) in hopes that we will get to see the infamous whale sharks. Ps. The nipple rubbing thing is a tradition of Big Blue's, I believe, it's good luck to do this and bad luck to mention 'whale shark' on the boat. Keep your fingers crossed for us guys! I didn't come all this way for nothing! Hope you're having a fab bank holiday weekend, love L x