Why did we come to Phuket?!

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We thought that leaving Koh Tao for Phuket was a good idea.. until we were swimming at Karon beach and the sky turned grey and it literally started bucketing it down. I remember our last visit to Phuket, the day before we were flying home it did the exact same thing, when we were at the exact same beach, you can see that post hereTo be honest, it’s a lot of fun but after a couple of minutes of ducking under super high waves, we decided to sit in a little beach side restaurant and have some food and a cuppa tea, before attempting the motorbike journey back over to Patong. Ah, fun times! At the moment I’m sending all my photos and videos from my camera, go pro, drone etc. over to my hard drive so I can clear my memory card and take more photos and videos, hehe! Looking back at all the videos makes me so so happy, as it’s like you are reliving the moment again. I love them! Anyway… I’m not sure what to do with myself now that the weather is like this. I guess we will sit the weather out and get a bite to eat when it’s calmed down a bit! Although, we are supposed to be meeting a few guys from Chester that we met on the night train for a drink, so hopefully it dries up by then! Now, I might try and edit some vlogs.. or maybe have a nap. Who knows, although the latter sounds more like a bit of me. Enjoy your Tuesday, speak tomorrow, L.