The second trimester & my birth wish

And just like that, we’re into the third trimester. Time has flown! I sometimes forget that I am actually pregnant as I haven’t had time to think about, keep up to date with my pregnancy apps or even had many symptoms. I’m actually a little scared about how fast time is going because we still have a lot of jobs to get done before baby arrives.

I took this photo before M arrived. This room is a lot different now, as it is M’s room until we do up the spare room, which we’re not in any rush to do as the baby will be with me for a long while.

I started with sciatica much earlier on this time, at around 21 weeks. Last time I don’t recall getting sciatica until 30+ weeks with M, so it was a little unexpected. Saying that though, it hasn’t been as bad lately and does seem to be worse when I sit around, like for example when we were away in Turkey and I was only walking from the room, to breakfast, to the pool, back to the restaurant for lunch etc. This time my bump is much neater too but my measurements indicate I am following the baby growth chart as I should. I was measuring on the bigger side with M, so maybe this baby will be smaller.. then again, I think I just had a lot more water retention during my first pregnancy.

At my 28 week checkup we discussed how I’d like to give birth this time. If I could replicate the last birth again I would, it was perfect. However, I had considered a home birth early on and with my local MLU (midwifery led unit) temporarily closed for the next 6 months, the idea of having a home birth is much more appealing than having to travel to hospital. So, this time the plan is to give birth at home, in a pool, which another mama is kindly lending me. I’ve been reading some home birth stories here which have made me so excited to do it all again. That might sound crazy to some people because who would want to go through the pain of contractions again but honestly, I found the whole thing just incredible.

For my home birth wish – I say wish because who knows what might happen – I’m going to have a little basket ready with everything I think I’ll need, whilst also having a little bag ready just in case we do need to get to hospital. This time I will get a bag packed 2 weeks before my due date… because last time it was not ideal throwing everything in a bag whilst having contractions… which by the way progressed very quickly.

Anyway, excuse the radio silence here. I’ve been super tired and with M not sleeping through the night lately I haven’t had time for much else other than general house jobs and self care. I have planned on sharing more about our trip to Turkey, which I will get round to eventually… but for now, Love Island then bed!