Preparing for a home birth & things I’m looking forward to

A home birth isn’t 100% guaranteed but I’m manifesting it as much as possible, as it’s something I really want to do this time round. It’s where I know I’ll feel most relaxed and with the journey to our nearest hospital being a 40 minute drive, I do worry that during the drive I would either give birth in the car or feel so unnerved about it all, that my body would just do a u-turn and labour would digress.

Josh is still really unsure about it all but I’ve done a lot of reading and I feel it is our best option, with our MLU currently closed. Our lovely midwife, Rachel, who I had throughout my whole pregnancy last time and was even on duty during my last birth is popping round to ours to discuss the home birth and give Josh some reassurance too. I think I’ll really feel like it’s actually going to happen at home once we’ve had that discussion and I can start to prepare mentally as well as get every thing in our home ready too. In a way, it’s made me want to start my maternity leave sooner but I also kind of want to work until the day I give birth, just so I can keep my full wage for as long as possible. We’ll see…

I’m a member of a home birth UK group on Facebook so I read about births daily. It’s called ‘homebirths support group UK’ and I love reading all the different stories. I’ve also been reading up on the best things to have to hand during a home birth, so I’ve done my own list which I thought I’d share here, in case any of you are interested.

For the birth:

  • birthing pool
  • birthing ball
  • towels
  • waterproof shower curtains
  • maternity pads

Pain relief:

  • gas & air (midwives will bring this)
  • hot water bottle
  • comb

The environment:

  • lavender diffuser
  • low level lighting
  • fairy lights/tea lights
  • something familiar/light hearted to have on in background e.g. new season of Emily in Paris.

The items below I’ll have packed in packing cubes in case we have to be transferred to hospital.

For baby:

  • blanket
  • towels
  • hat
  • baby grow
  • nappies

For myself:

  • bikini
  • pj’s
  • big knickers
  • lightweight dressing gown
  • slippers/socks
  • joggers & t-shirt
  • pads
  • lucozade
  • sweets
  • fruit

At this stage we have no plans with what we’ll do with M when I go into labour. The ideal scenario would be that I’d go into labour in the night, she’d sleep through and wake up to her new baby brother or sister but I’m wishful thinking!

I know my Mum and Gran would be on call for her whenever needed and they’re both familiar with her routine, so I’m not worried about that aspect but I should perhaps have a discussion with them.. or maybe just wait until the day comes, I’m sure it’ll all work out.

I will probably sort a little bag ready for her with nappies, pj’s, clothes etc. in, just in case she has to go somewhere for a day/night.

To extend this post, I also wanted to share a few things I’m looking forward to post birth. Currently at 33 weeks I’m getting a lot of pelvic pain. It actually hurts to do a lot of walking/standing so I do try to rest when I can, although on my days with M that is a difficulty now she’s so active! There’s also a bit of Mum guilt there, so I probably have been overdoing it a little. One thing is for certain though, I’m looking forward to that going and also doing some exercise where I can sweat it out. I’ve not exercised since January time and I miss it so much! I can’t wait to renew my gym membership as quickly as possible and build up my fitness again. I also loved going to the gym for 45 minutes on an evening, listening to some music or a podcast, whilst Josh took care of Mali. It was much needed me time, where my brain would focus on something else other than a newborn baby.

In September M starts playgroup, which I think she’ll absolutely love. She’s not been to a nursery yet which will be a big change for the both of us but I feel as though she’s ready and it couldn’t have come at a better time. It also feels like the start a new chapter with baby number 2 arriving and a new chapter with M spending some time with other children/adults who aren’t immediate family or my friends children. I just hope she doesn’t feel pushed out as it will be around the same time our baby arrives.

I’m looking forward to hopefully enjoying and soaking up the newborn stage more than I did the first time round. With M having silent reflux and not being listened to by health professionals until 6 months down the line, I hope that this time round this baby won’t have it and if it does then we spot the signs earlier and get them dealt with sooner. It was a very stressful time and I was physically and emotionally exhausted!
This also leads on to me looking forward to hopefully breastfeeding a little longer than 4 weeks this time round. I’d love to be able to do it again and this time it would be a dream to do it for a year.

I’m excited for life as a family of 4. We are definitely done at 2 babies, so I’m excited to see what life will look like in the years to come as we navigate parenthood again. Our dream is to still move abroad for part of the year and is becoming more of a dream we’re so eager to chase with the shit summer weather we’re having here in the UK.

Although the sleep deprivation scares me, I cannot wait to be able to sleep on my back and my front again! I hate sleeping on my side and I’m finding sleeping really uncomfortable. I really don’t know how I’m going to go another 7 or so weeks.

And finally, I’m looking forward to seeing how M is with the baby. She’s such a caring child and loves other children/babies. I’m a little worried she might be too helpful but I don’t think that’s a bad thing. Rather that than hating the baby and getting jealous, although I’m sure that’s bound to happen at some stage.