Lockdown diary

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Beautiful little cottage in Milthrop. I love Wisteria, thinking of growing some at the front or the back of the house. 

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Spring is the most beautiful time of year. The trees are so full, the blue bells are out in full force, the wild garlic smells beaut and the sound of birds chirping in a morning is just priceless. 

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Obsessed with this! Roasted cherry tomatoes and garlic, with cottage cheese and basil on toast. Also tried mixing in a bit of hot pesto in to the cottage cheese which was the bomb as well. 

It’s the middle of May! I can’t believe it. This time in lockdown is going a lot faster than I thought it would. I’m now working from home and have been for the past 3 weeks. It’s been good to get back in to the swing of things, and although I’m not in the office it’s allowed me to structure my days, which has been so much better for my mind but also physically as well, as I’ve managed to get myself up and out by 6:45 every morning. I’ve had a couple of down days lately but that’s due to being ‘that time of the month’. I’ve been testing out Modibodi undies and they have changed my life! I’ll share more about that soon though. It appears that things are slowly getting back to normal but I think we all just need to slow down a little, especially with the travel for exercise. We’ve seen a lot of visitors here in Cumbria and considering we are one of the worst areas in the UK for Covid-19 cases, nobody actually seems to give a f*ck about it. Anyway, let’s not talk about it. Today Josh and I went on a ‘social distancing’ walk. We were out for a good few hours and it felt good to be outside, with him, talking through our plans for the house and for the future. We are still hoping to be in the house before Christmas, although work is on hold for the time being. We’ll be back at it soon though and I’m sure it will all come together pretty fast! He’s hoping to move back in with Gran and I very soon but we will take things steady and still continue to be extra safe by cleaning handles, washing hands etc. as frequently as possible. It will be good to have him home, it’s been a bloody long time without a kiss and big cuddle! L.