Renovation update: what’s next?

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Last weekend the scaffolding went up and the roof at the rear of the house came off!

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The roof at the front of the house was then removed and we received our Velux windows!

Hello lovelies! I can’t believe we are well in to our 4th week of lockdown and the sun has been shining ever since. I don’t think it’s ever been this nice for such a long period of time, it’s beautiful! I’ve not been very motivated to get out for the past week or so, I just feel so lethargic but I will make an effort to get out later today. Anyway, on to what’s next for our home and what’s been happening lately. The roof is now off and Josh is getting the steels in over the weekend to support the roof. He’ll then build the frames for the Velux windows at the front of the house and then the roofers will fit the Velux windows then felt and reslate (not sure which way round it is, I could be wrong). Once that side is done, Josh will move on to the rear of the house where we are having the two pitched roofed dormers. I’m not sure what process will take place when it comes to the rear.. I presume it will go something like this, 1. build frame for dormers 2. felt and reslate although I’m sure there is a lot more going on than just those two steps. We also don’t have any windows yet for the dormers so we’ll need to get those sorted but I’m not sure any fabricators are open at the moment, watch this space. Hopefully it won’t be too long until the roof is completed. I don’t want to make a guess on timescale because I’m usually always wrong but I have everything crossed for a quick turn around whilst the weather is still nice. Speak soon, L.