Wild Camping

Good morning! Well, we survived the night.. just! It was a little cold and then the rain started in the early hours of the morning which wasn’t great. We also set our tent up on a slope so we ended up sliding right to the bottom every 10 minutes, haha! I kept thinking about those black panthers that are still supposedly roaming around after being released as pets in the mid 1900’s. I swear on my life I heard a meow before we went to bed, haha! We didn’t encounter too much wildlife, besides the herd of sheep which tried to bully us in to moving our tent. I think we stole their sleeping spot for the night, poor sheep. So, the question is.. would I wild camp again? Erm, yes if it is sunny and we don’t camp on a slope! Now, time for a fry up, a cuppa tea and then to get ready for a garden party later today, L.