Why Sunday’s are my favourite & life update


This photo has no relevance to this post whatsoever and is a very good example of how I never leave the house to photograph or do anything much for that matter.

It's half past two, I'm still sat slumped on the sofa in my pj's. The cat is curled up next to me and Josh has just made a cup of milky coffee. This is what I love about Sunday's. There is no panic to get the food shop (I already did that on Saturday), the house is fairly clean and Gran is kindly making us all a roast beef dinner. I miss our Sunday adventures, wandering the hills but sometimes you need a few rested Sunday's to prepare you for the week ahead.

I've spent the majority of the morning outfit planning for our trip to Thailand in 8 weeks time... A little premature I know but not as premature as my mum who has already been packed for the past 6 months! I thought I had a lot more summer clothes than what I actually have, so I've created a little list to make sure I make the most of the items I already have by only buying staple pieces or accessories just to jazz them up on an evening. Negin Mirsalehi is my go-to to help inspire my outfits, she is always so chic and such a natural beauty and if you haven't heard of her (although, chances are you already have), then you need to check her out.

Work has been pretty exciting the past couple of weeks. Most of you may remember me leaving M&S back in September for a job closer to home and I've recently started learning the marketing side of the business - hooray! I'll also be attending Cruft's this year with the Travelling with Pets team, showcasing our products over the 4 days of Crufts! This is my first ever trip away with work so I'm a little nervous but also very excited to get to know some of my colleagues a little more... and also play with all the cute dogs. If you are attending the show then come say hi!

January has felt a little slow, it has been very full on which is why we haven't done much on our weekends off work so hopefully this month we can get on some walks and I can start updating my blog on a regular basis because I really do miss it! Anyway, enjoy your Sunday and I will speak to you soon, L.