What are we going to do with this huge fireplace?!


So, this weekend we revealed this huge fire place. I can't quite believe how big it is and it's going to obviously be the feature of the room and I'm still trying to figure out that best layout for the living space will be. The original idea I had for a corner sofa next to the fireplace on the left and then the tv unit directly opposite the stove may not work now as I'm not sure we'll get a huge comfy sofa in the space. I guess we will have to do some measuring once we get to that stage. Although, Isaac is coming to do our electrics on Friday so we need to think about where we want plug sockets. Initially, we were going to have the log burner sat out of the wall but now that there's so much space inside the wall, it would be stupid not to use it. We want a fairly large log burner, slightly raised off the ground so we can store some logs underneath during Winter and also throughout the summer because I think it looks nice too. I'm really not sure on what we will do on the back side of the fire place because I haven't come across anything on Pinterest that I like. Ideally, I would love to stick to quite a Victorian looking style, with a modern twist but I'll have to do some research for that. I'm thinking tiles or just the original stone if we can spruce it up a bit. Also, I haven't even thought about a lintel? The one already in the wall is absolutely huge and it's annoying it's not stuck out proud of the wall as I would have definitely loved to of had that on show. Maybe we will just plaster a surround but I'm not sure that looks too clean and modern, what do you think? Ah, it's so complicated! I change my mind all the time too. I've gone from wanting a really light kitchen to now wanting dark blue, almost black (midnight) shaker style, with brushed brass hardware. I'm actually a little excited - we have the guys from Benchmarx coming tomorrow morning to design a kitchen for us. I can't wait to see what they come up with! Anyway, I thought about sharing a mood board for one of the rooms but I'm too tired to sit at the computer any longer.. so I'm going to get ready for bed and dare I say it... set my alarm for the gym tomorrow morning *yeh right*. Speak soon, L.