Weekend adventures: Buttermere, Haystacks


Happy Sunday! Another fabulous weekend spent exploring the Lakes, this time by foot, rather than on our kayak but still as fun, nonetheless. This time our friend Jack accompanied us for a yomp up and around Haystacks in Buttermere. What a day for it! We managed to scout out one of the bothay's up there, so hopefully this summer we will get to experience a night in it. We also spotted the Warnscale bothay that we've been wanting to stop in for so long but it's hidden and out of sight from the main pathways, which will hopefully mean that not so many people find it! It's actually beginning to feel a little like Spring now and with the clocks moving forward last night, I can't wait for the longer evenings, which will mean more time after work in the week to go out and do the things that we love. I've just noticed that my camera has some 'splodges' on the lens which is a little annoying because I can't be bothered editing every single picture to remove grey dots, so I'll have to get it cleaned at Wilkinson's before we head off on holiday, NEXT WEEK! Kind of annoying that I have to get it done just before we go away because I'd rather have the £35 or whatever it costs to spend on something else but, such is life! I guess rather that than dealing with the annoying dust splodges. Anyway, it's Mother's Day! I hope ya'll treating your Mumma's or are doing something special. Me? Well, my Mum is in Thailand so we don't do anything! I spoke to her and my Thai Granny this morning whilst we were on our way to Buttermere and wished her a happy day! Gran (English Gran), is cooking us all a roast dinner because Dad is home from work for the weekend. Really it should be the other way around, don't you agree? Between now and then will involve a nice warm shower, possibly a nap and a lil snack to keep me going until tea time. I bought A Star is Born for us both to watch so I'm hoping Josh will watch it with me tonight, even though I've already seen it. Anyway enjoy the rest of your weekend. Speak soon, L.