We Speak More Than Ever




I don't live with my parents so usually when we are at home I don't see them or speak to them very often. Now that they are in Thailand I think I've spoken more to my brother than I have done all year, haha! I like that the two of us are close, even though he annoys the hell out of me most of the time. We Facetimed around an hour ago and they were on Khao San Road eating Pad Thai, one of my favourite dishes to eat whilst I'm out there because quite frankly, nowhere does it better than those street vendors. Although, Wagamama's does a pretty delicious one but it's still just not the same. One thing I'd recommend to do in Thailand if anything at all is to eat the street food and eat as the locals would. We never eat in restaurants unless we fancy a McDonald's or another fast food chain, however that's something I'm trying to steer away from this year. Most of the time we buy our food from the local markets and it doesn't cost very much at all, in fact you could eat a pretty decent meal for around 150 baht, that's about £3, amazing right?! Anyway, enough on Thailand because I feel like I'm turning green with envy... Today I had an early finish and since then I've pretty much done naff all so I'm going to get off my bottom and gym for an hour, then tonight all I want to do is have a bath and relax because the clocks go forward tonight which means one less hour in bed 🙁 Love, L.