We bought a boat!


Ok, so it's not technically a boat... more of kayak, which is also inflatable so we can bung it in the boot and go off for the day. Now all we need is a pair of split paddles, so I don't have to travel with a set of ores perched on my shoulder! We knew the weather wasn't going to be great from 1pm onwards so we woke up kind of early and set off to Ullswater with our new Aquaglide Colombia kayak. We chose Ullswater because it's so easy to park up by the side of the lake (for free) and get in to the water, whereas Windermere is pretty difficult to find somewhere to leave your car and then pump your boat up. We paddled over towards a little island, where Josh had planned on camping this summer, so we wanted to scout it out and see how difficult it was and if there was a good piece of flat grass etc. The only problem was goose poo but I guess we were invading their home so how can I complain really? Anyway, we cooked bacon and egg and enjoyed a hot chocolate, took some photos and then decided to head back to main land, as we could see the grey clouds rolling in and I did not want to get rained on, especially because I dressed inappropriately and wore jeans and my docs! *Note to self, get some water proof pants and some thick wooly socks because damn it is cold out on the lake*. Now, well I feel sleepy. I made a big pan of chilli con carne for lunches this week and turkey meatballs for tea tonight which we have with this delicious Moroccan sauce from our local fruit and veg shop. It's so delicious that I buy it in bulk, which is a little expensive but so worth it for something easy and tasty! Mum also headed out to Thailand yesterday but she has arrived safe and sound. I got to speak with my Thai granny via FaceTime this morning, it's so heartwarming and a little emotional hearing her voice. I can't wait to go, hopefully she will be able to join us in Chiang Mai so I get to see her. Anyway, I'm going to tidy my bedroom and hoover the carpet because it's bloody filthy, L.