Throwback Tuesday

We surprised my brother back in April! One of the hardest thing’s to keep a secret.

We spent 3 days at my Thai granny’s house in the North of Thailand celebrating the Thai New Year!

I miss my Grandma so much </3

We then flew to Phuket, where we ate great food, swam in the turquoise sea and relaxed.

Josh and I spent 2 romantic nights in this little hut on Koh Phi Phi. The most amazing place I have ever been. 

Watched the sunset almost every night and it never disappointed!

Went on a long tail boat for the first time and was totally in awe at how beautiful Koh Phi Phi was. I really didn’t want to leave.

.. and we visited Koh Similan too before heading back home!


Morning! How are you today? Today the weather is so miserable outside I thought I’d show you some of my pictures from Thailand because I’m dreaming of sunshine this morning 🙁 I’m currently sat in my dressing gown, with a cup of tea and the cat curled up on my lap. I can sense today is going to consist of endless brews and Disney films because why the hell not! Anyway, I hope you enjoy flicking through this little throwback. Speak later, L.