The VW


Rent the van, here.


This VW was our home last week! How do you like it? I have the bug now for road trips and adventures and I'd love to one day buy my own and kit it out with all sorts of little cupboards and cute cushions with matching curtains. I once saw an episode of George Clarke's amazing spaces, where a woman had done up and old double decker bus and it was literally amazing! It even had it's own little log burner and roll top bath! How 'bout that! This little camper can sleep four, two in a 3/4 bed and 2 above when the roof pops up! Pretty cosy, right? We cooked bacon, sausages, steak, fried eggs, etc. all in the little van because February isn't the warmest of months. There is an awning that also opens out which would be perfect for cooking underneath but you would have to take an extra gas cooker and a picnic table, something I thought we could've done with during our trip. We also both decided we need to treat ourselves to a pair of Crocs! I never thought I'd buy a pair of those ugly things but I hated walking in the shower rooms, all I could think of was verrucas and the thought of other peoples hair made me feel squeamish, so a pair of those for the shower would be perfect. Big thanks to Christian for letting us borrow the camper van for the week, you can find the link to his website above! Lots of love, L.