The Great North Swim

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We did it! We completed 1 mile in Windermere at the Great North Swim! Now that I see it, it doesn't seem far but it felt it and they even had to shorten it by a couple of meters because of the wind but.. we still did it and I'm so proud of us for actually doing it, even if we did hope and pray for the swim to be cancelled, lol! There are so many stalls for food and clothes etc. as well as a bar (where we ended up at the end of the swim, duh!). The changing rooms are split into male and female and it's basically just a big marquee where you all change together. Opposite, you will find the baggage area, where you can leave your dry clothes, phone, purse etc. Once we were ready, we headed down to the water front and checked in for our swim. They had an instructor to help us with a warm up and then you have to get your body used to the water temperature, so everyone heads into the lake and does a small circuit to warm up before beginning the swim. I ended up completing the mile in 28 minutes, 45 seconds and Amy completed it in 27 minutes, 7 seconds. To be honest, it wasn't as cold or as hard as I was expecting it to be. I just kept telling myself to go at a comfortable pace and relax. I wasn't wanting a decent time, I just wanted to complete it which we did, so I'm happy with that!

When we got home I ended up helping Josh clean out the garage and workshop. It wasn't pleasant because I was so tired and it had started to rain again! We've actually just sat down and enjoyed a lovely Indian takeaway from the Mango Tree in Kirkby Stephen. We've been wanting to try it for absolutely ages and Josh said he would treat me to a takeaway for completing the swim. I had chicken karahi and we shared chips, rice and a garlic naan. Woah, I feel hefty but I most definitely needed it after today! Also, if you're a local, I'd highly recommend the Mango Tree, only if you like Indian food of course. Although, don't think it's as good as the one we had in Phuket... very close though! Right, I can hear bed calling my name so, I'm going to snuggle into Josh and wish you good night folks. Sleep well! Enjoy your weekend! Lots of love, L.