Past trips to Thailand: Unseen


You're probably not expecting such an early morning post... on a Saturday morning. I do have a good reason though, as we were supposed to be on our way to Wales to tackle Snowdon but the forecast from 2pm onwards is heavy rain so instead of wasting a 6 hour round journey, we've decided not to go and waste the fuel and time. Instead, we are all booked in for Go Ape a little later this morning and I guess we will have to go for a bit of a picnic in the forest seeing as I bought us both pork pies, scotch eggs, made sandwiches, a flask of hot chocolate... the list goes on!

Last night, whilst we were packing our bags for Snowdon, we ended up getting a little side tracked and browsing through all our old photographs from our previous trips to Thailand. Here are a few of my favourites! Some I have never seen and never shared on the blog. Anyway, I need to make myself look a little presentable for our tree top adventure. Speak soon, L.