IMG_3210 copy

I am wearing

Shirt & trousers from Zara

Nike trainers from ASOS

Watch from Cluse

Hoops from Topshop

Everything I am wearing is pretty old because I haven't bought anything new in so long, sorry no links to them! Would you prefer if I found similar items and linked those? Let me know and if so I will do that! It was Josh's little brothers birthday on Saturday so we all went out for a meal to celebrate him turning 21. I didn't plan what to wear so it's a bit mis-matchy but I kind of like it and I was comfortable which worked well for me after 3 courses even though I felt like a balloon. Had to get Josh to take some quick photos at his Grandma's house before we went out and he was a little tipsy so they didn't turn out great which is why I've layered two together, haha! Hugs, L.