Our Annual Visit to Manchester Christmas Markets


Hello, hello, hello! Good evening! Hope you've had a lovely weekend. The weather has been absolutely beautiful this weekend in the North of England and I'm so so grateful I now get my weekends free so I can do all the things I enjoy, like walking, eating, and shopping! I'm actually quite surprised that the only thing's I came home with from the markets were a pair of earrings from &OtherStories, a block of cheese and a bag of sausages. We buy them every time we go but this time we bought cheesy chorizo! I think you can cook them in a George Forman grill and the cheese goes all gooey and stringy in side, it's absolutely delicious and great for your figure.. I would be munching on one now but my Gran is on with roast ham, roast potatoes and veg which is most definitely needed after our 8 mile hike today - I'll post the photos from our hike tomorrow sometime because right now I just want to enjoy my brew and cuddle my cat. Anyway, I'll stop rambling! If you want to know where I got my fleece and bum bag then you can find it on my 21 buttons by clicking here, I've never used the platform before so let me know if you would just prefer me to link it here. Speak tomorrow, L.