How are you feeling today?

I’ve just finished a lesson with Angela and my brain feels like it’s working overtime! Have any of you learnt a new language? I think it is so hard! Besides from that I feel a little tired even though I slept for 11 hours last night. I have a lot of things to get done today but I’m so not in the mood!


What’s something you miss?

I’m missing the girls. We tried to arrange a Jacobs join before Christmas but we can’t find a date everyone is free but it would be nice to catch up with them all! I also miss Thailand a hell of a lot, I think it’s where I belong.


What are you loving lately?

I’ve been using the Nuxe lip balm for a while now since the colder weather begun and I don’t go anywhere without it!


Plans for today?

Once I decide to get up off my bum I’m going to get the suitcases out of the garage and start packing for the weekend. I’m also going to do my nails and have a bit of a pamper day and then I will probably gym for an hour before dinner tonight.


Plans for the future?

This weekend we are going to London so I’m really looking forward to that then it will soon be Christmas and I plan to do lots of home cooking for that! Future plans would be to pack up and travel for a few years once we have paid the flat off so hopefully that dream will come true for us within the next year or so!


What’s your favourite smell?

Josh’s aftershaves, I love Burberry touch as that’s his smell but I got him Jimmy Choo Man last Christmas and that also smells amazing! Men’s perfume always smells so much nicer than ladies I think.


What’s inspiring you at the moment?

There are a few Swedish bloggers that inspire me constantly, Kenza, Janni and Angelica Blick are my favourite bloggers! I love their daily posts and their photographs are always so perfect! I wish Josh would photograph more for me.. maybe I’ll keep hinting a little more!


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Speak tonight, L.