I’m Back!

Evening loves! I am back in England after such a long journey! 3 and a half hours from Phuket to Hong Kong, 12 and a half hours from Hong Kong to London and then a final 1 hour flight from London to Manchester! It was a bit of pain in the arse and although I didn’t want to come back from a fabulous 3 weeks in Thailand, I’m happy to see my gran and smell the fresh Yorkshire air! (So tired of air con killing my throat!) We’ve sorted our suitcases out and everything is away so now I’m catching up with Made in Chelsea and later Josh and I will both binge watch all the Walking Dead episodes we missed! Can’t wait! Gran has made us our favourite dinner, bacon, cheese, leek and potato bake! So naughty of me to eat as I’m planning on changing my diet completely now I’m back but it’s one last treat (until the weekend probably, haha!) I didn’t get any pictures from our journey back, I was far too tired and a little sad all the way home, we barely spoke to each other, haha! So here are some pics from our GoPro when we went to Koh Similan. I’ll post again soon, hugs! L.