Helvellyn part 2


Date accomplished: 23rd February 2019

Time: Set off at 7:30am from the car park.

Duration: 5 hours roughly, including lunch break.

Parking: Opposite the Inn on the Lake in Glenridding, costs around £7 for 6 hours or more and you can pay by card.


Good morning! Here are the last of my photographs..lol, that's a total lie, I have loads more but I'm not going to bore you with several posts on Helvellyn. After we completed Striding Edge and made our way to the trig point, the mist well and truly set in. It was a little disappointing as it would've been good to see the view from the top but I think we got the best views on Striding Edge. I slept like a baby last night, it was as if my bed was a huge cloud and I just sank into it. You know it's been a good day when that happens, especially when you can just switch off straight away. This morning we both decided to miss the gym and walk along the fell wall to watch the sunrise. It was so beautiful! We listened to the birds and we even saw a fox! Now I need to dry my hair and make myself presentable for work. Hope you enjoyed the photographs, I'm hoping I'll have more to share with you next weekend! Lots of love, L.