Happy New Year!


Hello 2018! How did you spend your NYE or NYD? I much prefer spending the first day of the year with my friends and family rather than going out on New Year’s Eve. I got to see family that I hadn’t seen for months and months and our friends Hannah and Tucker also joined us for the day in Kirkby Lonsdale. We started the day off with very civilised drinks at the Royal Hotel and from there on out it was all pretty much downhill… haha! We danced the night away in the King’s and then enjoyed a quiet tipple in Number Nine – a Tapas restaurant that has recently opened in Kirkby. I’m very much looking forward to sampling the food there sometime soon! Then of course we ordered a huge Chinese takeaway which we couldn’t manage to eat but I’m sure it will have disappeared by the end of today no doubt! Today I want to get sorted, clean up and make it feel a fresh start for the New Year and I’m going to persuade Josh to gym with me later so we can feel good for the rest of the week. Speak to you again soon, L.