Hey guys! I can’t believe it’s already Christmas Eve Eve! Wow, it’s totally flown by! I’m very excited 🙂 Christmas has fallen on a good day for me, which means 4 days off work as it’s my weekend off! So, today we met up with some friends and ventured out in the mist and the rain to Rydal Caves and walked in to Grasmere for some of the most amazing Gingerbread and then we stopped off for a late lunch at a pub which was lovely, although my choice of pizza wasn’t great but I guess nothing compares now to our own homemade pizzas now! We met Lena from Romania which is one of Josh’s friends girlfriend and this was her first time here in the Lakes so it was nice to get to know her and show her around! She works for Ethiad as a air hostess and I am so jealous because that was always a dream job of mine to work as an air hostess for Emirates! Anyway, we are chilling out tonight, watching football and snuggling up on the sofa so I will speak to you again tomorrow! Have a lovely evening, L.