Good Morning!


Finally, it's the weekend! Last night Josh cooked me 'speedy spinach curry' from Jamie Oliver's 5 Ingredients cook book. It has no meat in so I was a little sceptical at first but it was so delicious and the paneer cheese that was the meat substitute was actually just like eating chicken. I think I'd like to do a meat free Monday or just a day through the week so I can vary my diet a little more. 


What better way to start the weekend than with a gym session. I am still so sore from Wednesday's run and gym (it was my first workout since the beginning of December!) so I've just had a hot bath to give my muscles a good soak before I get ready to meet the girls. There's a few of us who went to school together that are meeting up for a walk and a pub lunch as our friend Amy is going travelling for 6 months with her boyfriend Joe. I'm incredibly jealous but so happy for her! I'm currently blow drying my hair as I write this post because we are setting off in half an hour so I better run! Speak later, L.