Feeling Festive

1. Standard mirror selfie before a day spent with my Grandma <3

2. Cacti at Barton Grange garden centre.


3. Shopping for more Christmas decorations!

4. Colourful Christmas tree – Ah, I love Christmas so much.


5. I love this banana slippery floor sign!

6. Barton Grange.


And just now, a photoshoot with Theo in a Nike box haha!


Today in pictures! I couldn’t sleep in this morning, I was up by 7am and now I am so tired! Gran and I went to Barton Grange for the day, it’s a big garden centre near Garstang. I love going there to get in to the spirit of Christmas, they have different sections for different themes and obviously my favourite was the white and silver section! I picked up a few things there and we had lunch which wasn’t too great and very over priced in my opinion, not sure I’d eat in the restaurant again. I ended up missing my turn off home and driving an extra 10 miles down the motorway… Ugh! Now, time for dinner and an early night, L.