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Day 1 in London

Good morning from a very beautiful London this morning 🙂 I was going to post when we arrived, however it has been so full on that I didn’t have time so I thought I would post this morning instead! How’re you anyway? I feel like I haven’t been here in a while. Yesterday we ventured to the museums, the Natural History museum and the V&A after eating delicious Vietnamese food at a restaurant called Pho. The Natural History has an exhibition on at the moment about the evolution of man, it’s really great and so weird to see all the bones they have discovered from millions of years ago! I totally believed we evolved from apes! What do you think about that? Molly and myself also went to look around the Balenciaga exhibition at the V&A and wow, the dresses were so stunning. If you’re in to fashion, it’s worth going to have a look around! Later, we headed towards Winter Wonderland, stopping off at Harrods on the way. I have never ever been to Harrods but oh my god, it’s amazing! I bought a little carrot cupcake, delicious!! It was so so cold in London last night, I had 4 layers on and it felt so much colder than the Lakes which is weird because I always thought cities were warmer. Anyway, I’m going to make breakfast and then we are going to head out before the rush on the tubes although it’s probably already busy! Speak again later, L. ps. I’m going to try and get more photos on my camera today because I only used my iPhone yesterday!