Crufts: day 1


Good evening folks! I have just got back into bed, actually that's a lie, I am sat on the bed drying my hair whilst typing this, so therefore I am a multi-tasking genius. What an experience Crufts is! We were there from 8:30am until 6:30pm and I must say, my legs and feet have never looked so forward to sitting down. I got to meet some beautiful dogs, and some not so beautiful but the best thing was is that I met Mable the Hungarian Vizsla and her owner who was in fact a breeder of Vizslas, so of course I got her details because it's decided that no other dog will do! Isn't she beautiful? She is literally my dream dog and she had such a lovely temperament. Anyway, I'm going to keep this short and sweet because after a very large glass of red wine (even though I asked for small) and pasta and tiramisu, I am ready for bed. Although, my bedroom is right above the dining room and there is some cackling witch who will not stop laughing and the people above are making the floor boards creek, oh and to top it off I forgot my ear plugs! So, I'm going to stuff some cotton wool make up pads in my ears and shove a pillow on top of my head and try to get a good nights sleep before tomorrows 6:15am wake up call! Speak soon, L.