Checking out of the office… I’m off to Crufts!


Urgh, I've woken up feeling slightly snotty so I'm really hoping it's not the start of a cold as I'm off to Cruft's later today with my colleague Kerry and my bosses, Martin and Lucy for 4 days in Birmingham. I've been so excited for this little adventure, even though I know I'm going to be absolutely shattered by the end of it, but I really don't care because it's an experience and I would have never gone had it not been for work.. so, here it goes! I have no idea what to expect, besides from the obvious that there will be a lot of dogs and a lot of people, showing off their fabulous pets. What I'm most excited for is the gun dogs, I'm going to scout out the kind of dog I want to have when we eventually get our first home together (which will hopefully be this year!). I'm still set on Hungarian Vizsla's but I did see a gorgeous Doberman the other day, so I guess seeing the best of breed at Cruft's will make my decision! Did you know that Cruft's is the world's largest dog show? I actually didn't know this until I started researching it a few weeks ago! I still can't believe I'll be on our trade stand there but if you are after any products such as dog cages, beds, seat covers then do pop by or just come and say hello.

Speak tomorrow perhaps, L.