Behind the scenes from today


What a week it's been! Cruft's was insane and I feel like I'm still so tired from that. Then today with Rachel Galley, Aimee Chorley and Ian Wood, shooting Rachel's latest jewellery collection, everything just feels so overwhelming, I think I just need to sit down and take it all in or have a good nights sleep and a day off, haha! Here's a few snapshots of 'behind the scenes' today. I didn't manage to capture many at all, which was a shame but I'm super excited to see the final shots. I've never done anything like this before, so to be asked by Rachel to do this for her very own brand came as quite a shock and obviously I felt extremely flattered. Then to be made up by Aimee and photographed by Ian was just like the cherry on top of the cake, I mean, since when did I get so lucky? Anyway, I am ready for a good nights sleep. If only it was the weekend already because I could sure do with a full day of rest but hey ho, only 4 weeks until Thailand and then I can have a whole month off. Oh, I was looking at the suitcase dividers on Amazon yesterday and was thinking it would make packing a lot easier. Have any of you guys used them, what are your thoughts? Does it actually help or just give you less space to pack more unneeded outfits? I'm literally falling asleep so I'm going now, L.