Back With My Bestie!


Ps. I hate my face at the moment - my skin is horrendous & no I don't have chicken pox.

A night out in Leeds would not be complete without a couple of drunk selfies with the Polaroid, am I right? Seriously, this camera lives in my handbag and although its fairly bulky I can't imagine not having it with me to capture these special moments... like doing shots at 11pm, whilst slut dropping to some old school RnB.. proud moment. I still think I'm recovering from the weekend if I'm honest 😉 I'm just not made for it anymore! In fact, was I ever? I'm currently looking forward to seeing all of the girls in a couple of weeks time, except Amy who's currently sunning herself in Thailand.. not jealous in the slightest! Life at the moment is mediocre, I'm neither here nor there. Still got a burning desire in my stomach to create something magical but we're working on that, so as time slowly ticks on by I'm going to carry on updating you with my boring life, what I ate for tea (spaghetti bolognese for those who want to know), what I did in the gym and what I did on the weekend and I still believe that my time will come and I'm going to be where I want to be eventually. Now I'm not even sure what the hell I am rambling on about so I'm going to love you and leave you. Speak soon loves, L.