A Week Through My iPhone Lens


On Saturday we had dinner at The Plough in Lupton for Josh's Mum's birthday. I was unsure whether to go because I was so full of cold but I'm glad I did because we had such a laugh.


On Tuesday I got to meet my cousins first born who was only 12 days old! The tiniest baby I've ever held and what a dream he was. Life is so precious!


On Wednesday I thought I would bake for my colleagues and seeing as we have planned to have November as 'bake-off' month, I thought it would be beneficial to practise but I'm not sure baking is for me?! Look at that gigantic hole in the middle of my lemon drizzle cake! How does that even happen?


Thursday was absolutely beautiful, so I decided to dust the cobwebs from my bike and cycle to work, which is the whole reason why I bought the bike in the first place! (Josh keeps moaning at me about how it was a waste of money because all it does is sit in the shed). I actually thoroughly enjoyed it and I know this sounds cliche but it actually helped me think so much more about life and what I want to aim for in the next 5 years, amazing right?


I got two of my favourite photographs from our trip to Santorini printed and framed, ready to hang in the hallway. Theo seemed to like them and curled right up next to them for a cat nap!


Sunrise on Friday morning from the lounge window. I've grown to love early morning's so much and would much rather see the morning in than stay up late. Although this week we have spent most of our evening glued to the television watching 'The Haunting of Hill House' - brilliant by the way but I do have to pull the cover over my eyes when I know something scary is going to happen. We have about 5 episodes left which we will probably finish over the weekend!

Good morning! This is an early one from me. Unfortunately the sky looks nothing like yesterday morning which is a shame because I did fancy cycling down to work, even though my glutes are agony! I'm working a few hours this morning because I need to pay my flights off for Thailand, so I've pretty much nominated myself for everyone else Saturday's they can't do. Then this evening I'm seeing my friend Bethany who is home for the weekend! We have planned to go and see A Star is Born which I'm so excited for. I've not heard anything about the storyline so I'm not really sure what to expect but I know it's left many people in tears and pretty broken! I'll be sure to take plenty of tissues. I'm not sure what the plan is for Sunday but I'll take that in my stride. Perhaps I'll try to rectify my baking skills.. who knows! L.