Is it just me or do birthday’s never feel the same the older you get? I remember my teenage years, counting down the days from October 1st, reminding everybody and anybody to buy me presents haha! This year I turned 23. Ok so it’s not a biggie but 23 sounds old. I remember looking at all the girls who had left school, thinking they had all their shit together.. when in matter of fact they probably didn’t and neither do I. I still haven’t landed my dream job nor ticked off several places on my bucket list. I still haven’t bought my own house, had kids, got married, bought a dog (I do however have a very mischievous kitten though), got rid of my trusty first car or even thought much about where I want life to take me. I read a post not so long a go and it reminded me that non of it really matters. We’re all so busy in this rat race that we forget to enjoy now. So, here’s to turning 23 and not having my shit together! Ps. I just tried bacon, pancakes and maple syrup for the first time and it is so delicious! 🙂 L.