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My final Christmas present has been wrapped and placed under our twinkling tree. It’s a good feeling knowing that you’ve finished buying presents for everyone. I count myself lucky that I only have to buy for 5 people! Now that I’ve completed my Christmas shopping, I can begin to think about what the past 12 months has been like for me and it’s been a good year.



We successfully surprised my brother in Thailand and it was probably one of the most wonderful feelings seeing his face light up at his hotel room door in Bangkok. Priceless!



Spent the most amazing couple of nights at a dream resort with my love. I really could just live somewhere with sunshine, good food and the sea.



Finally, the paperwork went through for us buying my gran’s flat and we renovated 3 rooms whilst she was away on a 3 week holiday in France! It was the most stressful, tiring but most rewarding thing we have done.




Bought my first pair of walking boots and have so far tackled 4 mountains this year, as well as several Wainwrights! Something I never thought I’d have done.




Attended my first gig at the Ethiad Stadium in Manchester and it was bloody incredible!




Bought a kitten, his name is Theo!




Went on our first road trip to the Scottish Highlands which was incredible but shite weather. We had to cut it short as I fell one morning and bashed my knee cap on a rock. 1-0 to the rock.



And eventually got round to learning how to speak Thai and even though I’m a million miles away from where I want to be, I can’t wait to be able to speak to this incredible lady one day <3