The Old Man of Storr

Hey there! We’ve just arrived home after a long 7 hour journey in the wind and rain. Isn’t the UK just bloody miserable? I can’t bear it! We headed home a day early because I slipped this morning and bashed my knee cap and now I can’t walk very well. It was so painful! Yesterday we arrived in the Isle of Skye and walked up the Old Man of Storr before dusk. It was surprising how fast the weather changed and as we reached the top the mist came in and it was all so eerie and a little spooky! We parked up at Seuma’s bar late last night hoping to get food but we were too late so we settled with a glass of wine and a beer in the pub and then an M&S pork pie each and some brie and crackers in the van before bed – I love brie! Now, I’m going to try and get myself in the bath and then we’re going to binge watch Power in bed before drifting off to sleep. I cannot wait to get into my bed! Speak soon, L.