Photo diary from this week

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Hey lovelies! How are you all coping? This week started off pretty grim (weather wise,  obviously) but my Mum is now back from Thailand and she has joined me every morning for a run around the river, which I love and she’s enjoying too. I can’t believe she will be celebrating a big birthday this year! I had planned on taking her on a city break somewhere in Europe but that doesn’t look as though it will happen this year, which is such a shame! She’s always wanted to see more of Europe, so I had thought about going to Rome, Amsterdam, Florence or Barcelona.. Hopefully by September, things will have lifted and we will feel safe enough to travel but if not, we’ll just have to go somewhere next year. I just know that the two of us would have so much fun. I imagine lots of wine would be consumed, oh and good food too! Today has been a good day, although I would have preferred to get a bit more done at the house. We just made a list of all the things we need to get ordered over the next few days and planned where the electrics would go in the attic, ready for Isaac to come back and wire up for us. We had more of a think and a discussion on the en suite, which I think we would like to keep open so it flows nicely. We have an idea on how we can hide the toilet but I think we’ll wait to show you that when it’s done, as I wasn’t going to show you the attic conversion but I couldn’t help myself! This afternoon has gone so slow, I’m not complaining but I just don’t know what to do with myself. I think I’ll plan some prints to make for tomorrow, as I’m back at work now so I haven’t found the time to do them. Speak soon, L.