Lessons I learnt from decorating the flat

Well, good evening! I thought I’d jump on the laptop and share with you this post I’ve been wanting to share for a little while now. Mainly because we are getting to the point where crucial decisions are being made, such as electrics, plumbing and in a few months decor. If you were here over 2 years ago, you may remember Josh and I redecorating a couple of rooms here in the flat, where Josh and I still live with my Gran. We gave ourselves a 3 week timescale to get back to the bare walls, rewire, plaster and paint etc. It was a huge challenge and with that came a few hiccups and some lessons that I’m glad happened, as I most definitely will not be allowing them to happen again in our house.



First things first, I will not be getting a high pile carpet in any room. As nice as it feels on your toes for the first couple of weeks, I have found it an absolute nightmare in the bedroom as it constantly looks downtrodden and quite old looking, in my opinion. The carpet we chose for my Gran’s room was a slightly cheaper, low pile carpet and it still looks brand spanking new. Admittedly, she doesn’t spend as much time in her room as Josh and I do but it appears to be much harder wearing, so when it comes to the bedrooms.. low pile all the way! Or I’m even considering wooden flooring and rugs but that’s a decision to be made further down the line.


I also won’t be making any brash paint colour choices either! I, on a whim, went and purchased a very large tub of dark blue paint for the bedroom (see photo below) and tried convincing myself it was a nice backdrop for our charcoal chesterfield style bed head, which it certainly was not. I’m going to be sampling and trialing several paint colours before making the decision, so not to waste any money or precious time. I’ve already ordered one sample from the Little Greene paint company, which I am so hoping to use in the living room and if not, in the guest bedroom. I’m aiming for our house to reflect an expensive 5* Thai resort, so lots of gold and luxurious textures, rich colours and plenty of plants. I hope to achieve this in at least the living room/kitchen space but ideally throughout the whole of the house. Watch this space!


We will get everything done before moving in. That includes skirting, coving, carpets, painting, fitted wardrobes etc. all the things that do not include styling and ‘faffing’ with accessories. We are still without wardrobes in the flat, even though after knocking the two built in wardrobes down, we said we would have them back in by Christmas.. 2017! But still, just a rail for all our hanging garments and bags for our undies. Not ideal! Had we actually plastered the wall where the fitted wardrobes were supposed to be going, I would have probably just given up and bought some free standing ones! Hindsight is a wonderful thing. It’s slightly different living in the flat though, as we couldn’t have moved out and lived elsewhere as we wouldn’t have had anywhere to go! So I’m thankful we have the flat right now, as Gran looks after us both and we have a clean home to relax in when we need to escape house work.

I’m sure probably experienced a few more ‘uh oh’ moments during our flat decorating days but I can’t think of anymore at the moment. Have you learnt any lessons from decorating a previous home or renovating? Speak soon, L.